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Image from Pexels

Life hacks have been on the rise. Why wouldn’t they? It is “a tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.” That is according to Urban Dictionary, anyway. However, they aren’t lying. A bunch of super creative people have been coming up with so many different ways to make our lives easier. For example, you ate ice cream too fast and got a brain freeze? Don’t worry! Just press your thumb to the roof of your mouth. Just like that, you will feel better. There are plenty more where they come from. Here is a list of some awesome life hacks.

1. Colorful Way to Stop Mixing Up Your Keys

Paint the top part of the key with different colors using nail polish or paint you have at home. This way, you won’t have to fumble around in the dark every time you get home, trying to find the correct key. Also, this will spice up your life a little by adding more splashes of color to it!

2. Your Rings Keep Turning Your Fingers Green?

My sister has this problem all the time. Don’t worry, though. There is a cheap way to solve that problem without needing to throw away or buy new rings. Use clear nail polish and paint the inner part of the ring. This will help end your awkward explanations to your friends about why your finger has a strange green band.

3. How To Do Well In School and Still Have a Good Night Sleep

It’s simple. Just sleep. A study done by an associate professor in psychology, Pamela Thacher, at St. Lawrence University have proven that sleep will actually help you do better. Those who constantly pull all-nighters are associated with a lower GPA. Some short term effects of lack of sleep include delayed reactions and a higher likelihood to make mistakes.

4. Helping You Do Less Dishes Since Muffin Tins Were Created

Is your family going to be hosting a BBQ soon? Instead of washing all of those condiment plates, why not use a muffin tin? This will cut back on all the plates you need to put all that awesome pickles you like to put in your burgers.

5. Cut Your Cake and Cheese Properly!

Do you ever struggle to try and cut your pastries and cheese properly? They never seem to end up too good. Well, use dental floss! This will help you a lot when you ever need to cut some good food.

6. Got Too Many Cables?

My table is a mess. Cables are literally everywhere, and I have no idea how to organise them. Well, now I do. Use those giant paper clips like the ones in the photo on the left!

7. Watch Movies on Your Computer in Peace Without it Going to Sleep

Don’t you hate it whenever you have to move your mouse once in a while when you’re watching something so that your computer won’t go to sleep? Well, there is an app that will help with that problem. This wonderful app is called caffeine. Here is a link for macs and here is a link for PC. Have fun.

8. Learn by Teaching

Whenever you have a test coming up, the best thing to do to help you study is to teach. So gather up all your imaginary friends, and stuff animals and prepare to teach what you need to know for the exam. If you can explain the topics verbally, you will be able to explain it on paper.

9. Stop Messing Up The Pancakes

Whenever I make pancakes, the pancake batter just seem to go everywhere. Well, that ruins my dreams of making a cat pancake. Well, there is a solution to that. Find a clean ketchup bottle and pour the pancake batter into it. This will allow you to make pancakes without making such a huge mess trying to transfer the batter into the pan. Also, this will allow you to make different pancake shapes!

10. Can’t Find Where Your Tape Starts?

I hate it when I have to fold my tape to find where it starts. Fortunately, there is a solution to that! Use a simple paperclip and stick it to the tape. Now, you can take it off and use that tape!

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