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Perhaps you’re having one of those rough days where you simply need to drown yourself in feel-good movies, or, more likely, perhaps you’re just a person with a passion for film who’d like to branch out from your normal selections. Though I’m no movie connoisseur, I can set a great movie apart from the rest, so I’ve devised my list of the top ten best feel-good movies.

1. Moonrise Kingdom

A perfectly executed Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two 12 year olds who naïvely run away from home and, simultaneously, their problems. Though the film doesn’t necessarily end with a “storybook ending”, it demonstrates the glimmer of hope that resides in any situation and the ability of love to thrive regardless of age.

2. Midnight in Paris

A movie that perfectly captures the iridescence of Parisian night life, it can’t help but make you wish you too were able to live amongst the prestigious authors and artists of the 1920s.

3. Austin Powers

Based in the 1960s, this parody of James Bond appeals to any audience—it’s utterly hilarious. Admittedly one of my favorite movies of all time, any film in this trilogy is sure to strike up your funny bone.

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Another classic film, this movie features a high school boy who decides to take a day off of school and concocts an elaborate plan to successfully do so. Though I can’t say I recommend playing hooky like Ferris, I do recommend giving this movie a watch.

5. We’re the Millers

Frankly, I didn’t have high expectations for this movie. Before viewing it, I supposed it would be another mainstream comedy that made crude, slightly offensive jokes that would leave me unsatisfied. But nonetheless, I was proved wrong. Though the plot encompasses a family that smuggles drugs into the United States, some decent life-lessons are embedded in the film, and if nothing else, it’s sure to make you laugh.

6. Frozen

This movie definitely measures up to all its rage. Filled with relatable characters, catchy songs (there’s no doubt you haven’t

heard “Let it Go”), and an interesting plot line, it’s safe to say that this Disney movie isn’t just designed for the elementary school audience.

7. 13 Going on 30

An adorable chick flick from 2004, the plot of 13 Going on 30 is just what it sounds like—a 13 year old girl wishes to grow up for her birthday. Her experiences as an adult enable her to shape and fix her life as a teenager in order to capture her true love.

8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Though the underlying themes of this movie aren’t the most upbeat, it’s the emotional type of positive film. The morals and virtues it teaches are really what makes it stand apart as a feel-good movie.

9. Toy Story 3

I must admit, I was not a fan of the first and second Toy Story movies for whatever reason, but this one was certainly different. It teaches many lessons, such as coming to terms with change, combatting evil, etc., and I distinctly remember feeling very emotional after viewing it for the first time (and trust me—I’m not ordinarily a movie crier). Even if animated movies aren’t usually your thing, you can trust that this one is different from the rest.

10. The Parent Trap

Starring Lindsay Lohan who plays both main characters in the movie, it tells the tale of twin girls who meet for the first time at asummer camp, and proceed to switch places in the hopes of reuniting their separated parents. The Parent Trap is one of those movies that I’ve seen thousands of times, but never fails to brighten my day when I see it again.

Film has the ability to change your mood drastically, and the next time you’re in need of an upbeat or generally fantastic motion picture, I recommend selecting one from this list—you won’t be disappointed!

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