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Sometimes it seems daunting enough to merely land an internship, let alone find one that is appealing. But internships don’t always have to be typical or boring.

Sometimes the most unexpected internships can end up coming with incredible perks! While these college internships are highly sought after (for the reasons you’re about to read), it’s always worth a shot at applying, if you’re eligible. Here is a list of some favorites.

1. Google

Interning at Google is at the top of the list not only for its off-the-charts salary (for an internship), but also because of its benefits: gourmet free food, gym access, evening cruises, and massages. Regardless of your major, Google encourages anyone to apply.

2. “NoLimits Internship Program” – Southwest Airlines

First of all, you get free flights with this internship. If that isn’t persuasive enough, you also receive a nice salary, career development classes, and company parties.

3. TOMS Shoes

If you’re looking for an internship that combines work experience and philanthropy, this may be it. Select interns from this program have the opportunity to travel to South America and Africa to hand-deliver TOMS to children in need of shoes.

4. Microsoft

Are you a techie with dreams of meeting one of your idols? This could be your chance. At the Microsoft internship, some interns get the chance to conclude their internship with a dinner party at Bill Gate’s house.

5. Nike

Although this internship takes place in an unlikely place, in Oregon (near Portland), it provides extraordinary opportunities. Interns have access to fitness centers and the exclusive Nike Employee Store.

6. White House

This internship may be unpaid, but it’s probably because the chance to work at the White House is enough to draw anyone to intern there. It’s highly competitive to apply (as any of these are), but it’s a chance of a lifetime.

7. MTV

This is another unpaid internship, but the chance to bump into a celebrity or favorite artist is probably a big enough draw for anyone to apply. Internships are available in New York City, Florida, and California.

8. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Internships may not always be the happiest place on earth, but at PwC, interns are rewarded with a trip to the “happiest place on earth.” With successful completion of the program, interns receive a trip to Walt Disney World for four days, with one night where the park is closed exclusively to interns.

9. Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Not only do you get a cool job, but you get a cool name: “Nickterns.” Besides having the opportunities that come along with working at an animation studio, a major perk is the chance to watch movie screenings on the Paramount lot.

10. Internships that open doors for jobs within the company

Perhaps the best perk of an internship could be a job offer. Many internships have high hiring rates of internships, so this is definitely something worth researching.

All of these are in high demand, so be sure to get started early on your search for internships. For tips on how to make your application stand out in the internship application process, check out TP’s tips on creating a resume and tips on networking (which can help with recommendations for internships).

These internships sound appealing, of course, but it comes down to what internship fits your needs and interests. You don’t have to snag one of these internships in order to have a memorable internship experience. Sometimes the best internships will come in the most unexpected places, even if that means around the corner from your house in your hometown or with a company you’ve never heard of. Yeah, cool perks are always fun and can brighten up a work day. But they don’t always mean everything.

If you pursue an internship that you have a genuine interest in, rather than pursuing an internship for its material benefit, you might find even better perks–perks that mean more and that won’t disappear once the internship is over.

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