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If you check your college’s calendar at any given time, it’s probably full of events. Though your schedule is busy and the events might not always sound super appealing, there are several reasons attending on-campus events is beneficial. Check out these 10 reasons:

1. They’ll teach you about issues you hadn’t been exposed to before

Some campus events are probably about issues you’re passionate about. Others are probably about issues you’ve never really thought about. You can learn from both.

2. You can learn about new subjects without enrolling in classes

There might be subjects you’re interested in that you’d love to take classes about. However, you might not have the time or money to enroll in a bunch of classes that don’t count towards your degree. Going to events on various topics is similar to sitting in a lecture, but you won’t be paying for the credit hours or delaying your graduation.

3. You’ll feel like a part of campus

Sometimes, once you get busy, you find your familiar, usual places on campus and see the same people most of the time. By going to something that anyone could be at, you can feel more involved on campus.

4. You’ll meet people who have similar interests and passions

Before events start, you have time to talk to the people around you. Chances are, these people are there because they are interested in the subject. Strike up a conversation; you don’t always have the chance to talk to people who are passionate about the same causes as you are. Being with like-minded individuals is inspiring. Who knows? The person you’re sitting next to could be someone you collaborate with in the future.

5. You probably won’t have this opportunity again

Sure, different cities have a variety of events. But once you’re out of college, when will you have the opportunity to attend different events every day that are free and within walking distance?

6. They will push you out of your comfort zone

Some topics might make you uncomfortable and will make you see situations from a new perspective. A lot of events feature discussions where you hear other people’s opinions. Even if you don’t agree with everything (which is bound to happen), you can hear how other people view various issues. This is a great learning experience.

7. They’re often free

Attending many on-campus events won’t cost you anything. You can simply show up and be entertained.

8. They will inspire you

Colleges bring in a variety of speakers, performers and other people with inspiring stories. The descriptions might not always sound very interesting but hearing people share their feelings and thoughts is extremely thought provoking. Feeling uninspired? Trapped in your routine? Going to on-campus events can reenergize you.

9. You’ll discover more about your passions and career goals

A lot of speakers share their stories about how they got where they are. As a college student, this is very cool to hear about. While you might feel confused or hopeless at times, learning about other people’s stories can remind you what you’re doing all of this for and what you’re truly passionate about.

10. You have the time…even if it’s not often

Even if your schedule is packed, you have time to attend events every once in a while. It’s easy to not make time for these kinds of activities. However, even if an event isn’t as great as you thought it would be, there is something to learn from it. You don’t have to go every night or every week, but attending every so often is worth your time.

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