Did you know that brothers Hank Green and John Green (yes, that John Green), made famous for their YouTube channel vlogbrothers, also have a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to educational videos? This channel, called CrashCourse, was launched in 2006 and has videos ranging in topic from Literature to Biology and even a new set of videos focused on Intellectual Property. With over three million subscribers and 200 million views, this channel is an invaluable resource for students wishing to review concepts they learned in class or learn about a new topic on their own. According to Hank Green’s website, the goal of CrashCourse is to “create high quality, informative, free videos that help students learn and teachers teach high level high school and early college courses.”

The videos, ranging from ten to fifteen minutes in length, each focus on a particular subtopic that is part of the larger subject. This breaks down the sometimes intimidating subjects (such as the all-encompassing “World History”) into more manageable chunks that are easier to learn about. The first video in each series is an introduction video that lays out the topic and broadly talks about what topics will be covered in subsequent videos.

These videos are excellent for visual learners because many of them incorporate easy to understand animations to illustrate the topic being discussed. They also provided welcome relief from hours of dry, boring textbook reading while studying for AP or final exams.

Even more helpful, all the videos have already been arranged into separate playlists on YouTube, so you can either watch them all in succession, skip around, or just watch the videos on topics you need brushing up on.

Here’s a simple guide to the many academic subjects featured on this channel:

1. Biology and Chemistry

These videos, hosted by Hank Green, cover topics ranging from the very basics of bio and chem to more complex topics such as Population Genetics or Nuclear Chemistry.

2. Anatomy and Physiology

Fascinated by the various systems of the human body? Check out Hank Green’s videos in this series ranging from Tissues to the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

3. Ecology

These 12 videos cover topics related Environmental Science such as Ecological Succession and Pollution.

4. Astronomy and Big History

Curious about eclipses or the Solar System? Check out the Astronomy videos hosted by Phil Plait. The Big History videos provide an in depth look at the history of the Universe and planet Earth starting from the Big Bang to millions of years in the future (or the Deep Future).

5. Psychology

Want to know more about how our complex minds work? Check out some of the psych videos, hosted by Hank Green, to learn more about memories and social influence.

6. World History and US History

Both history series, hosted by John Green, start from with early history of their respective places (the Agricultural Revolution for World and Native American civilizations for US) and continue all the way to the present day.

Additionally, there is a separate playlist of World History 2 videos that build on the topics and themes that were talked about in the first set of World History videos.

7. US Government and Politics

Curious to know what makes the United States government tick? Learn all about the bicameral Congressjudicial review, and more in these videos.

8. Literature

The Literature series has been one of my favorites in the CrashCourse series and it didn’t really feel like studying while I watched these for review of a wide range of classics from Hamlet (Parts 1 and 2) to The Great Gatsby (Parts 1 and 2). The videos provide important plot and author insight that can greatly add to your experience as a reader.

9. Intellectual Property

One of the newest series added to the channel, these videos focus on copyrights, patents, and trademarks (oh my!).

Bonus! Tired of studying and even the thought of watching one more video makes you want to scream? Watch some of the videos from the Bloopers & Outtakes playlist to relax and have a few laughs!

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