Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

The struggle is real. If you’re a short girl like me, you know what’s up (or.. down? Because you can’t really see that high?).

1. Getting neck pains from having to look up at everyone. The absolute worst is when someone taller is standing above you on an escalator. Like whoa, why did you suddenly grow three feet? And when you try to level the playing field, they just keep stepping up when you do.

2. Looking younger than you are. I am 17, NOT 12. My chubby cheeks don’t exactly help either.

3. Everyone calling you cute or “fun-sized”. You would think we would take it as a compliment, but when all we’re compared to are tiny foods like munchkins, it can start to get a little annoying.

4. Needing help to reach things from high shelves. I think we’ve all mastered the art of climbing on furniture and standing on chairs by now.

5. Being jealous of all your tall friends.

6. Being an armrest for your tall friends.

7. Being made fun of by your tall friends. It’s not our fault we can’t reach as high as you can. Cut us some slack.

8. Having to take 3x as many steps to keep up with your tall friends. Starting to see a pattern? Maybe just don’t have tall friends. Just kidding, who else would help you reach stuff?

9. GENERAL ADMISSION CONCERTS. Basically you’re just asking for a night of being shoved around by people towering over you and never getting to see your favorite artist with your own eyes. But hey, at least you can still listen and jam out while looking at the giant screens. Maybe someone will be kind enough to lift you so that you can block other people behind you.

10. Having to get dresses tailored. (Maxi dresses.. How do people do it?)

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