Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

The chilling weather, the colorful leaves, basically everything wonderful: fall, also known as the most perfect season of the four. Or, at least, according to some of us. And I’ll admit it, some of us have a bit too much of an obsession with autumn, but really. It’s understandable.

Though there’s nothing wrong about being excited that it’s your favorite season, there is a fine line after which your love becomes a problematic addiction. If you are experiencing any of the following, you may need some help. I know I do.

1. You always know what day of the year fall starts on. Yes, most people know that fall starts somewhere around the 20th of September. However, there are some people for which the first day is practically a holiday.

2. The second Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes, you’re there. Ordering a venti. Or five. And then you proceed to have one practically every day until you bleed the artificial orange color of the only thing you will drink until they are no longer available until the next year.

3. Speaking of pumpkins, you love everything to do with them: picking them, eating them, baking them, carving them, worshiping them, smelling them, etc. You love them so much you have arguments with your parents over how many pumpkins are “too many.” (Answer: there is no such thing.)

4. At least eighty percent of your wardrobe is sweaters. Let’s face it, they comfortable, they’re cute, and they’re one of the main reasons to love fall. The problem, however, is that if you go to a school without air conditioning and all you own are sweaters, you’re going to have some problems those first few weeks of school when it’s still a hundred degrees outside.

5. You own an excessive collection of scarves and jackets. It’s incredibly painful to watch your favorite pieces just sit in a closet for six months out of the year, but so is heat stroke, so that’s probably why.

6. Colorful leaves are legitimately the most beautiful things you have ever seen. Your instagram is devoted to them. You get overly excited when the first leaves begin to change. You cry when they all fall off of the tree. Basically, fall leaves are your one true love.

7. All you want to do when it starts getting colder is cuddle and drink warm drinks, but you have no one to cuddle with because you’re obsession with fall has scared everyone off.

8. Halloween is one of your favorite holidays. Pumpkins, black cats, candy, costumes—it’s everything you could want in a holiday and more. You may or may not have a countdown to it that starts on November 1st.

9. Thanksgiving is also one of your favorite holidays. Food, food, and more food. Plus, all the lovely fall things involved like pie and turkey and decorations that are all shades of the colors associated with fall.

10. You didn’t think anything on this list was that for out of the ordinary.

Let’s all face it: fall is pretty great. None of these things are that bad, and neither is having an obsession with the season. Or maybe we are all in denial about how much of a problem our obsessions are. That is a very realistic possibility.

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