Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

1. How to budget for the important stuff. “Okay, so I have $5.50 left in my bank account. How many packets of ramen can I get for that price? Will that last the whole week?”

It's not funny

2. How to plan your time accordingly. “Damn it, missed Mom’s call again. I have to study sometime tonight. Maybe I should push watching my new Netflix series back an hour…”

Not enough time

3. When to do quick mental math. *sits in lecture chewing a pen* “So technically if I get at least 150% in the final, I’ll be able to get an A for this paper. Easy!”

Just smile

4. How to get the college wifi working. “WHY DOES THIS WIFI NEVER WORK? Why does everyone use it at the same time? Does the wifi ever get better? Hang on, let me disconnect and reconnect…”


5. Where to get the best student discounts. “Ayyy, the movies has a deal on if you present your student ID. Hell yes!”


6. What places to avoid like the Plague. “No, don’t go to the party at that house. I’ve heard dodgy things from the people who went to those parties.”

You mad

7. Where the best places to hang out are. “Hey, wanna meat by the cafe place opposite the library? I promise you, it’s the only place to be.”

You should so totally come

8. Where to find ‘that one person’ who knows everything. “Okay, where does this guy live on campus? I know he’s here somewhere. The network’s down and I can’t have that right now.”

In charge

9. Where the secret on-campus bathrooms are. “What the hell is this?! Why didn’t they point these out during our campus tour?”

Secret bathrooms?

10. How to deal with people in general. “I want to be a cat today. But I have to go to lectures. I guess I’ll go to my lectures.”

Cat, I'm a kitty cat

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