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Image from Pexels.

There are many myths surrounding attending competitive colleges that high school seniors hear as they are making one of the toughest decisions in their lives where to attend college. Here comes the 10 truths that they often don’t hear about competitive colleges.

1. University is not all about academics it also includes self-discovery

What are your interests? Are there any clubs that you would like to join? Your workload will be heavier in college, but you will also experience the eternal sunshine of youth. Staying up late at night to get snacks, having heartfelt conservations at 4:00 am, discovering boundless opportunities in life.

2. “Sleep is for the weak” might be a common statement that you hear in your first year

Students vary in their ability to deal with sleep deprivation. Sleep is not for the weak, it is an essential need and you need eight hours of it to feel functional. In college it becomes easy to fall into the don’t sleep culture. Remember to self-care.

3. Getting A’s is easy

Getting A’s is more challenging at university level. A’s reflect hard work, tenacity and discipline. Last minute studying does not do the trick any more.

4. People are a lot nicer than you think

In university the social atmosphere really changes. There is no school hierarchy that characterizes people as nerds, popular kids. People are genuinely nice, accepting and kind.

5. Deciding what courses to take is a research process

There is a long list of courses offered. It is hard to decide which ones to take. Many students use Facebook groups such as “easy electives” to ask other student’s opinions on courses that they are interested in. RatemyProf is also a great source in this process.

6. You can cut down your textbook expenses by buying secondhand books

It’s common to do so. The only place that you get textbooks is not the bookstore. Instead of paying the full price you could join the Facebook group of your college called Textbook exchange and buy second hand textbooks. It is a great way to cut down on expenses.

7. People that live on your floor will not necessarily become your best friend

Making friends takes times and it is a matter of the heart. Your floor buddies don’t necessarily have to become your new best friends.

8. Frosh doesn’t have to be the time of your life

Frosh is known as a week characterized filled with activities to bring freshman closer. Your frosh experience will not define the rest of your university experience. There is still plenty of opportunities for you to meet people.

9. Students in top colleges are very involved on extracurriculars

The amount of extracurriculars that everyone can handle varies. It is not fair to say that everyone follows the same trajectory.

10. It’s common for students to study in cafes in college especially during midterms and finals

You don’t have to stay in the library.

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