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After what seemed like a lengthy fall semester, it’s finally time to unwind and relax as college kids head home for the holidays. The holidays are a time for binge watching 5 seasons of your favorite show on Netflix, over-eating your favorite foods, and being with friends and family. But don’t let all these indulgent habits get in the way of reality after break. Before you know it, you’ll need to pack up and head back to school for the spring semester. If you had a rocky fall semester or just need help starting fresh, follow these tips for a smooth transition. They are proven to make life at college a little easier!

1. End The Fall Semester On A Positive Note

Don’t stress yourself out over your final exams. Instead, be proud of your accomplishments and the fact that you’ve made it through an entire semester! There’s always room for improvement in the future. Thank your professors and reflect on the things that you have learned. You can always give insight into your classes to your friends and prospective students.

2. Un-pack Your Bags And Spring Clean

If you’re moving back home from your dorm, spring-cleaning is a must. Un-pack all your bags, do your laundry, and get organized. If you are a commuter, clean out your car and tidy up your room. Having a clean space will help clear your mind and get rid of any unwanted stress.

3. Finalize Your Spring Schedule

Registering for classes can be a tedious and nerve-wracking task, but it should be done as soon as possible. Visiting your advisor once a semester can be beneficial when deciding what classes you need and to make sure you’re on track. Registering as soon as possible is crucial before classes start to fill up.

4. E-Mail Your Professors Before Classes Start

E-mailing professors is an exceedingly helpful and useful task. Your professors will be impressed and your semester will begin extremely well. Ask your professors for the syllabus so you can read over course rules and policies. You will also be informed of supplies you will need.

5. Read Over Your Syllabi

One thing I wish I knew my very first semester of college was that a syllabus should be cherished like a gift. Course policies, supplies, and assignments are laid out for you. You will be up to date, prepared, and not overwhelmed once the semester starts and you get flooded with unexpected requirements.
Make A List Of Supplies You Need For School

6. Buy A List Of Supplies You Need

Once you’ve got your syllabi in hand, write out a list of supplies. This includes any textbooks you’ll need, printer paper, ink, or pens and pencils. Write out a list of things that you’re missing at the end of the semester and keep it with you until its time to go shopping again. This will save you a lot of time and money, so you don’t overbuy!

7. Invest In A Planner and Desk Calendar

I cannot stress how important some sort of calendar or planner is to your college career. Whether its due dates for your exams or an event you’re attending, it’s always helpful to jot down important dates. You will always benefit from being prompt and on top of your game!

8. Reconnect With Your Friends At College

Break is four weeks long, which is a great time to reconnect with old friends from your hometown. Before you know it, you’ll be moving back to school. Take some time to text or call a friend and meet up once classes start up again. Chances are you may or may not have classes with them again.

9. Get Your Expenses In Check

Checking your bank account is not a fun task, but it must be done! From shopping, livings, and eating expenses, make sure to start up some sort of savings account for the future. Put aside money to pay off important costs and some for fun

10. Mentally Prepare Yourself

You’re going into another five months of long study sessions and overnighters! Enjoy the time you have off and relax as much as you can. At the same time, prepare yourself mentally and with the tips above to make the transition stress-free.

Good luck during the Spring 2015 semester!

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