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It’s prom season: Facebook feeds filled with promposals, talk of prom dresses, and even crazy diets (Please don’t do this. It’s a high school prom). If you’ve been feeling pressured to go to prom because it’s supposed to be ~*THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE*~, fight the pressure because prom is overrated and it’s really up to you if prom is for you. Sure, prom might have some pretty great cupcakes you might be missing out on, but there are also some fun things to do instead of prom (that cost less than prom), both by yourself and with a fun group of friends.

1. Go to a Concert

Why listen to crappy prom music when you can listen to good music for the same price? Find some cool artists with concerts near you using SongKick. Even if your favorite band isn’t playing, you can still find some similar artists. If you’re too lazy to drive to a concert, host your own mini concert by streaming past concerts by your favorite artist on YouTube.

2. Go to the Beach

Instead of prom, why not go with your friends to the beach. If you don’t live on the coast, go to a river or lake nearby. Have a neat ‘lil dinner picnic with homemade sandwiches.

3. Explore Your City

If you’re going to prom, you’re probably a junior or senior, which means that you’ll graduate soon and move off to college (probably in a new city). Relive the last moments of your own city and get lost in it (seriously). Go on Yelp, try that restaurant that you’ve always wanted to go to. Become a tourist and re-visit all the tourist attractions. And, once you’ve finished, go to your dream city / somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit on Google maps and take a tour yourself.

4. Treat Yo’ Self

Have a spa day while watching Parks and Recreation. Get out some DIY face masks because there aren’t that many occasions that you get to pamper yourself. And, buy that shirt that you’ve always wanted. TREAT. YO. SELF.

5. Go Camping

Explore the wilderness in the comfort of your tent (or if you can’t stand nature, your cabin). Roast some marshmallows, sing songs, take hikes, and do nature-y things. Camping beats those plastic prom decorations any day.

6. Have a Movie Marathon

Get out some popcorn and your favorite movies and watch them. Watch some movies that you’ve always wanted to watch. Maybe even, to get into the prom mood, watch some high school movies about prom.

7. Take Up a New Hobby

Ever wanted to take up knitting, cooking, photography, or even coding? Well, now’s your opportunity to try it. While your peers are dancing awkwardly, it’s your chance to become an amazing photographer, dancer, artist, mathlete, or chef. The first step is getting started.

8. Have High Tea

If you still love the “dressing up” part of prom, dress up and get some afternoon tea with your friends. It’s delicious food and an excuse to eat an extra meal (which has mainly delicious pastries and desserts). If there’s no high tea near you, just plan your own or just throw a simple tea party.

9. Cook a Delicious Dinner

Invite some of your friends to bake some delicious foods with you. It’s another great way to improve your cooking skills and bond with some close friends (because lets be real: you can’t actually hear anyone at prom because the music is too loud). If all else fails, go to a nice restaurant and order everything off of the menu for the same price as prom.

10. Read Your Favorite Book

Or any book, for that matter. Be one of those kids who finished reading a Harry Potter book in a day. You’ll be able to brag about it for the rest of your life.

11. Catch Up on Work

This is probably one of the most boring items on the list, but think about it: your classmates will be pulling all nighters finishing their work, but you’ll be ahead of the game. High schoolers are pretty busy, so use up that free time getting ahead.

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