Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

You’ve finally made it to college, you’re finally free! You should be spending your time thinking about what classes you’re going to take and what clubs to join, but No all you can think about is how how you’re going to decorate your dorm room. No need to worry, after hours of trolling the DIY side of the internet I have come up with a list of 12 super cute and easy dorm decorations that are sure to make your dorm room the envy of all your friends!

1. Dressing Up Plastic Drawers

One of the most commonly used items by college students is the plastic drawers. As we all know storage in college dorms can be seriously lacking, so we need to find different methods of maximizing our space. Although these plastic drawers are very convenient, they are a tad on the ugly side. Not only that but they are usually see through, so people can see what you’re storing in them. So to fix here are two DIY projects you can try. First you can use a little clear tape and scrapbooking paper to help spruce them up (Picture 1). To get a full tutorial on how to do this visit uptowngirlmn.  If you’re not so into the idea of using scrapbooking paper you can try the second option, which is painting the plastic. You can use any color paint you want and use stencils(Seen in Picture 2).To get a full tutorial on painting the drawers visit danceswithbees.

2. Dry Erase Day Calender

College life can get pretty hectic with all the different social events, classes and homework , so its important to have some sort of calender. But why buy a plain calender when you can make a customized one. This DIY requires little work but the result is fantastic.

All you need is a collage picture  frame(these are usually available at Target, Michaels, etc), scrapbooking paper, letter stickers, scissors, and a dry erase marker. First pick out scrapbooking papers and cut them to size. Then put them into the collage  and put on your stickers for the days of week. You just made a beautiful calender in under 30 minutes! Make sure to use a dry erase marker and not a sharpie to write on the glass or else it won’t come off . To get the full set of directions visit craftingandquilting.

3. Painted Mason Jars

It seems that Mason Jars are the newest trend in the arts and crafts world, and why not? They are a cute and simple way to add a decorative touch to any room. And in a dorm room you can use them to store pretty much anything you want. There are also many ways to decorate your mason jars. You can leave them plain, you can paint them, add glitter to them, or  turn them into chalkboards. The picture below shows five fantastic ways to color mason jars. To find out how to make your favorite one from the picture, visit liliyshop!

4. Picture Collages

One of the simplest and often times nicest DIYS you can do in a dorm room is with pictures mainly because there is so many thingsthat you can do with pictures. The first one is collages. Collages are nice in that they keep all your closest friends and family near. One thing you can do is buy a bulletin board like in the first picture and make a giant collage on it. You can also add in your name or different art pieces. You can also create a collage on black poster paper and pin it down with Mod Podge like in the second picture. You can even make collages and place them in frames or Mod Podge it to canvases. The sky’s the limit on picture collages for your dorm room.

5. Photo Garlands

Like I said there are many things that you can do with pictures. One of the most popular is the photo garlands. All you need for this DIY is some sturdy string, scissors, clothespins, and photos. Simply put the clothespins onto the string and then attach your pictures. Then you can string the pictures anywhere in the room (Use tape or pushpins to secure the garlands). You can also take your clothespins and decorate them with paint or sharpies.

6. Corner Picture Heart

Typically, corners in a room are hard to decorate and usually just get left alone. But as I was searching for DIY projects, I came upon one of the coolest corner decoration that I’ve ever seen. The idea is to create a heart out of pictures, using the corner as the center of the heart. From the pictures below you can see that you can use photos, or sticky notes with inspirational quotes and ideas. The idea is super cute and is an easy DIY, so why not give it a try?

7. Painted Cork-Boards

Corkboard’s are a great dorm decoration. Although they usually come in plain  cork, you can do many things to help glam them up. You can use different paints and glitters to create your favorite patterns and designs. All you need is paint, a sponge and some painter’s tape (if you’re doing lines). You can do a different design on each cork like in the first picture or try to do a design on four corks like in picture two. To get the full tutorial for the second picture visit withlovefromabby!

8. Canvas Art/ Posters

Canvas Art and posters are another great way to decorate your dorm room. You can make a canvas with your favorite quote, or your colleges’s team, or your favorite book cover, literally anything that you want. All you will need for that is paint, paintbrushes, glitter(not necessary) and a canvas. If you need any inspiration check out Pinterest they have thousands of canvas ideas. Same with the posters. You can buy posters online from places like Etsy or in stores and hang them up in your room.

9. Lighting

Lighting is another cute dorm decoration. You can buy Christmas lights and hang them up in your dorm, or different lighting from places like Target and Walmart. If you want to try something else. You can get a string of LED lights and some ping pong balls. You just cut a  hole in the ping pong balls and put in the LED lights to get some beautiful lighting (Shown below) . You can use multicolored lights or regular lighting. To get the full details visit Sayyes!

10. 3D Butterflies

For all the people out there who are not extremely skilled in the arts and crafts area and who love butterflies this tutorial is for you! This DIY might look complicated but its actually quite simple. All you need is cardstock, a butterfly template, scissors and tape. First you trace the butterflies using the template and then cut them out. Finally you do some folding and sticking and Voila! you have a beautiful wall decoration for your dorm. To get the full tutorial visit mydecopagedlife!

11. Tapestries

One of the downsides to dorm living is that you can’t do anything permanent to the dorm room like painting it. So that leaves us with quite the decorating problem: plain white walls. So what better fix to the empty walls than colorful tapestries. You can order your favorite ones online or simply use the ones you have at home. You just hang them up against a wall, and Ta-da! Instant color and brightness. You can pair it with lights(like in picture 1) or use other different tapestries and canopies to layer it.

12. Mirror Art

Many times when we’re fixing up our dorm rooms , many of us seem to neglect our mirrors. So if you’re trying to find some DIY projects for your dorm, make sure to include fixing up your mirror . Mirrors are very versatile, DIY Wise. You can paint on them or glue plastic flowers onto them(Picture 1). If you don’t want to use flowers you can use big rhinestones like in Picture 2. Or if you’re a beach lover, you can glue on seashells.

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