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On Love

1. Movie fairy tales are a waste of time.

Mindy Lahiri is the epitome of a hopeless romantic; searching for her knight in shining armor to run into her and change her life. After Tom, the oral surgeon, left Mindy for the Serbian bagel girl, she realized the ruse of the Lifetime rom-com. When she describes how she encountered Tom, “Met in an elevator? My hair came undone? Are you kidding me? I’m basically Sandra Bullock!” her ardor for Hollywood true love shines through. Even though she’s a wreck and embarrasses herself at Tom’s wedding, over time she understands she’s so much better off without him.

2. Don’t change yourself for a guy.

It’s super tempting to believe that if you switch religions, change your hair, or move to Haiti, things will work out. If a guy needs you to change to appease him, he’s not right for you. If you have to pretend to be someone else, what’s the point? Find someone who loves you for you, no matter what that is.

3. Having high standards is okay.

Mindy is very selective when it comes to who she dates and knows there’s no point forcing a relationship when the two people aren’t right for each other. While she still holds a candle for past boyfriends, she understands why they weren’t right for her, and knows that at the end of the day it’s what makes her happy that matters, not the guy on her arm. Although she complains about ending up a spinster whose cats eventually eat her, she waits for the right guy (Danny!) to come along and truly make her happy.

On School 

1. Prioritize activities to best suit your needs.

Mindy knows what’s important and doesn’t have time to be caught up in useless drama. She has babies to deliver. And Scandal to watch. She doesn’t feel sorry saying no to things that do not interest her and refuses to partake in something she will not wholeheartedly enjoy.

2. You can have brains and beauty. Both are equally important.

A lot of people overlook the fact that Mindy is more than just a pretty face, but a doctor and a Princeton alumnus. She’s a hard worker, otherwise she wouldn’t be where she is today, and she has put her blood, sweat, and tears into making a name for herself. People are so obsessed with labeling others, and it’s refreshing to have a character who is anything but black-and-white. Not only is Mindy a career-focused OB/GYN, she’s also a “slutty girl” who loves to party and live it up.

3. Setbacks are setups for brighter things.

Mindy is constantly growing, evolving, and learning from her past mistakes. She takes failure head on and does let the universe beat her down. She’s optimistic about the future and knows that every experience she has is another opportunity to grow.

On Life

1. Life’s too short. Eat the pizza.

Mindy loves food, and isn’t ashamed to say it. She’s not going to deprive herself just because society pressures her to do so. She knows what really matters, life, liberty, and chicken wings. As a whole, The Mindy Project on a whole does not focus on body image and criticism – there are so many more important, useful, and interesting things to talk about than a character’s dress size. By doing so, Mindy refuses to fall into the obsessive weight trap that the media so tantalizingly shoves into our faces.

2. No one knows what he or she is doing.

The idea of not being perfect or put-together in a certain amount of time terrifies most people. At this stage in our life, most people’s goals are getting into university, and to get into university all other experiences need to be put on hold. Mindy realizes that this is no way to live a fulfilling life; life is happening now, in the moment, and it cannot be rescheduled to a later date. Mindy’s 30 years old and a hot mess who doesn’t have a 5 year plan, but it doesn’t matter because she’s enjoying every present moment and making memories that, in the long run, are totally worth it.

3. Dress like you’re a fashion blogger.

Mindy’s style is aca-amazing. She’s drop-dead gorgeous and has a great fashion sense that could only come from understanding who she is and what she likes. Her killer wardrobe goes to show that even though she’s a doctor, she can have fun and express herself. Dressing to the nines makes you feel good and that’s what truly matters.

On Self

1. Make friends with yourself.

There are so many people in Mindy’s life but the most important one is herself. Especially in television, an industry still dominated by twiggy, 20 somethings who look like Jennifer Aniston (who is one of the most talented actress ever), Mindy sticks out, but in a good way.  She embraces her body, her culture, her quirks, and her flaws wholeheartedly and doesn’t care if it intimidates anyone else. To the masses, nothing is scarier than a confident woman.

2. Lying on the floor is emotional yoga.

Mindy’s preferred method of dealing with difficult situations is to lie on the floor and ponder life. Sometimes life knocks you down and it’s quite cathartic to submit yourself to the situation, giving you time to clear your mind and find a solution. It’s emotional yoga, working out your problems while eating sour straws.

3. Be unabashedly yourself. And if that doesn’t work, be Beyoncé Pad Thai.

One of the main things I’ve learned from the Mindy Project is the power of being yourself. Mindy never apologizes for doing or saying what she feels, and she never finds it awkward or rude to express herself. Mindy’s is flawed: she’s failed over and over but she doesn’t let her failures define her. Her aura of confidence is contagious, she’s so at ease with being herself and that is what propels her forward in life. Of course, there are times when even Mindy slips up, but that’s when Beyoncé Pad Thai kicks in and saves the day. One of the most shocking things about Mindy Lahiri is that dares to be 100% herself, exercise hating, food loving, successful, beautiful, brave, and everything else that makes her unique.

Here’s to Mindy, a beautiful, confident, and fierce woman who we all strive to be.

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