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If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you are either taking or about to take AP U.S. History at your high school or online. Well, my friend, I salute you for your courage during this time of learning and stress. You about to embark on a yearlong journey towards gaining an incredibly comprehensive understanding of how the United States of America came to be what the nation is today. Excited yet? Well if that doesn’t get your gears going, here are a couple of resources that I used during my year taking AP U.S. History. I promise they will be extremely helpful during the hardships that may come up!

The American Pageant Resources

Many classes (including the one I was in) use “The American Pageant”, a textbook written by David M. Kennedy and Lizabeth Cohen. If you too are using this textbook, have I got a lot of weblinks for you! Even if you aren’t using The American Pageant, most AP U.S. History textbooks are similar since they all have to teach the same information for the same exam.


This website contains bullet pointed notes for the textbook sorted by chapters. This is a good resource is you find yourself rushed for time and unable to read through the entire textbook! It’s also a good way to help assist your review for assessments or projects.


Like the title suggests, this link provides a source of notes for the American Pageant textbook. Some notes formats work better for others, so it’s good to keep an open mind for sources since you never know which you’ll end up preferring in the end!

Cengage Learning

Testing yourself is one of the best ways to commit something to memory, and this website is perfect for just that! It includes tons of online chapter quizzes for all of those times you want to test yourself before an actual exam in class.

Miscellaneous Resources

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to be following a specific textbook to be able to use resources provided for it. Instead, you can poke around and see what different books have to offer! Ultimately they’re all teaching you the same set of knowledge since everyone will be taking the same test regardless of which textbook they studied from.

“America’s History” by James A. Henretta, David Brody and Lynn Dumenil Resources

This weblink is incredible! On it you can find a very resourceful study guide that includes self-assessment quizzes, activities, and study resources. They also have an online research and reference aids should you need to digitally thumb through multimedia. The only downside to this site is that a purchase is necessary for all of these resources. That said, if you think that you’re the type of person that would greatly benefit from using this resource, by all means go for it!

Ms. Pojer Quizzes + Powerpoint Palooza

Ms. Pojer is a savior to AP US History students all over the world. Her website contains countless quizzes for each topic considerably possibly from multiple choice to face-recall. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll find the link to practice DBQs (Discussion Based Questions), and another link to an almighty resource of final review links for that May push. Powerpoint Palooza is also an extremely helpful source if you’re looking for a more visual way to review other than simply reading words and completely quizzes.

Invader’s Realm Notes

This is another link for general AP US History notes that a lot of my friends found useful when I forwarded it onto them! Hopefully it will bring you the same amount of reassurance should you choose to use them!

AP Student US History Flashcards

Like said before, review and recall is an effective method of studying. Often times people enjoy writing up flashcard to use so they can test themselves in an efficient manner. If you’d rather not write up the hundreds and hundreds of cards needed to cover everything for AP US History, this is the source for you!

AP US History On-Line Test Preparation

This link (once you’ve scrolled past the advertisement for Eric Burnett’s book) has a whole assortment of links for different ways to review including chapter outlines, DBQs, flashcards, 1600 US History Terms, era reviews, etcetera.

Sparknotes SAT II Notes

Although the US History SAT II test is not exactly the same as the AP test, there is a lot of overlap between the two in terms of content. Sparknotes divvies everything up into topics then uses bullet points to outline highlights of each topic.

Syed Ali Raza’s Collection of Videos

Should you become tired of reading, testing and writing, click on this link and review by watching a collection of 14 different videos summarizing the most important topics for AP US History. Hit play, kick back and rest your eyes as you’re told everything in segments.

College Board’s AP US History Website

Alas if you find yourself with questions about the structure of the test itself, hit up this College Board link. Essentially any question you have about the actual test will be answered here (including a breakdown of the ever important grading rubric!). If you cannot find what you’re looking for, your next best resource will be your instructor!

Good luck!

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