During study week, midterms, and finals, there seems like there is no time for anything: No time to go to the grocery store, walk around campus, or just do your laundry. You must always work. Let me tell you that this is not possible, and if you try, you will need a break, and that break may be two hours that you did not have. I have found that YouTube is the key to getting through any tough study period. You control how long the break is and it does not require much setup. Here is a master list of videos of different types and lengths for you to browse through for a customized, easy study break!


I love vlogs while I am at school because it is nice to remember that there are people who are not

Image from Tara and Mandi Rosa

Image by Jackie

concerned with exams or papers, but are instead feeding their dogs and doing charity work and having babies. I like to remember that someone out there is living a wonderful, sometimes boring life, and I’ll get there after this paper.

LivingRosa (~14 min)

Tara and Mandi have been documenting their journey through reciprocal IVF for the past year, and now they are on their way to motherhood! Watch them grow and learn as a family, and be as jealous of their lovely dogs as I am.

Bubzvlogz (~7 min)

Lindy and her husband are originally from Northern Ireland but currently live in Hong Kong. They have two very well behaved pups named Chubbi and Domo. Their son, Isaac, has just turned 8 months and has taken a couple of trips to the local baby spa!

WhatImDoingRightNow (2-7 min)

While the other vlogs feature a family life foreign to most college students, Michael further illustrates the often overwhelming life of someone balancing work, friends, and college. Watching Michael manage the various parts of his life motivates me to do the same, and it helps me remember that even in the hardest of times, there is a little fun to be had.

SACCONEJOLYs (~16 min)

This has everything you need after a long day at the library. A young, Irish family living in England with their two small children and six dogs. Yes, they have six maltese dogs, and one of them has her own music video. Have fun!

Fun Facts 

When you have been writing a 12 page paper on the importance of Milk Mothers during the the Mughal Empire for the past three hours (true story) learning about something, anything else interesting is the perfect break.

AnimalWonders Montana (~6 min)

Jessi shares her amazing work at Animal Wonders caring for 80+ animals! Each week she discusses one of the animals or an overarching topic she has encountered while caring for a diverse array of friends from prehensile tailed porcupines to  hissing cockroaches.

Sexplanations (~4 min)

Lindsey Doe explores the world of sex with admirable diversity and respect. Her videos consider both historical and modern controversies regarding sexual health, education, and sexuality’s place in society.

Image from Nerdfighteria.info

Image from Nerdfighteria.info

SciShow (~5 min)

SciShow keeps you current on scientific findings and events while also answering the big questions in life like if you weigh 99 lbs and you eat 1 lb of nachos, are you 1% nacho?


As I sit in the same pair of leggings I have been wearing for four days, I get some inexplicable joy out of watching people talk about their favorite beauty and fashion products. I think it’s a good chance to let the mind melt and think about mascara rather than equilibria constants.

TheRoxetera (~10 min)

Rosie does lovely reviews of clothes and makeup that are usually within a reasonable budget. She also shows off new ideas and looks I would never have thought of!

Joseph Birdsong (~7 min)

I have been watching Joe for several years, but he has only started making beauty videos recently, and I love them! He knows a lot about eastern products, how to use them, and where to find them in the US!

SprinkleofGlitter (~10 min)

Louise’s bright and bubbly personality will perk anyone up as you listen to her discuss US drugstore makeup as well as MAC products. Despite any personal struggles she has experienced, she faces the world with inspiring confidence and kindness.

Image from aaronalper.com

Image by Aaron Alper


Study week can also be broken up by these semi addictive series that serve as great incentive. If you write one more page, you get one more episode (that is no more than ten minutes)

Chris Felming- Gayle (3-10 min)

For anyone who grew up in New England, you need this in your life. Gayle is that suburban mom, the one who got one of her kids at Costco and has held an SAT tutor hostage since she was pregnant. Gayle just happens to be played by a man. You’re welcome. (Episode 1)

Alex Day- Alex Reads Twilight 

As much as I hate to admit it, this is one of my favorite online series of all time. I did not read Twilight, but I got the gist of the first book from this guy. He basically read all of Twilight on camera and made comments as he went. I hate to admit how much I like this series because of the controversy surrounding Day, but I thought this should be included for the sake of your finals sanity. (Episode 1)

Final Note: This list is by no means complete! I chose these YouTubers based on personal preference as well as their connection to other types of videos. Joseph not only does beauty, but he has a gaming channel too, as does Michael! This list will get you through finals, but after those are behind you, dive into the wonderful world of YouTube.

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