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1. Chapter meetings are a way for all of the active members of the sorority to talk about new and old business, discuss different events and things that need to get done, and learn about what’s going on in our community. Chapter is among one of the places where sorority women practice and live out their values.

2. Sorority women do not join their respective chapters because they want to improve their social status.

3. Sorority women do not join a sorority for the sole purpose of partying.

4. Hazing is not condoned and is taken very seriously. No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable for the sake of joining an organization or to feel like they need to fit in.

5. One does not have to be rich to be in a sorority. The majority of sorority women work to pay for their dues.

6. While one might not be best friends with all 150+ women in their chapter, all women genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of their sisters.

7. What others say about certain sororities always comes from some type of personal bias, be it theirs or their friends. One will never truly know about a sorority’s closeness or sisterhood unless they are in it themselves.

8. Sorority women strive to uphold standards of academic success.

9. Not all sororities are made up of women who are decked out in Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, etc., just as they are not dressed in all Michael Korrs, Chanel, etc. Every woman has her own style, and chooses to wear whatever she wishes. For those women who do wear Lilly, VV, MK, or Chanel, then that is pretty cool too.

10. There is a place for everyone in every sorority. The reason why being a part of a sorority is so cool is because the women who make up each chapter have different personalities and interests. No one in a sorority is the exact copy of another woman in their chapter.

11. There is a place for everyone in every Panhellenic community. No one can argue that.

12. If you get dropped from your favorite sorority during formal recruitment, do not give up. Go through with full faith and trust that you will end up where you are supposed to be in the end. No matter how recruitment ends for you, you should be proud of yourself for finishing a rather crazy number of days.

13. You are still your own person. Even though you are part of a large group, you still have your voice and your opinion and they both will be valued no matter what year or member class you are.

14. Often times it is difficult to balance academics and being in a sorority, but it is definitely possible to still do well academically while being a new member.

15. The connections one makes when being in a sorority are limitless. Your alumni network will come in handy and prove to be very helpful after college.

16. The traditions, rituals, and values of each organization are different but all achieve the same goal of establishing mutual and personal respect.

17. Sorority women across the nation raise millions of dollars every year for various charities.

18. The “sorority squat” is something that every girl develops and does over the course of her lifetime. It’s also the only reasonable way to fit twenty young women into a very small space for photo ops.

19. Not every sorority girl sports norts, a large shirt, and running sneakers.

20. The friendships you make while part of a sorority are not fake. You are not paying for your friends; you are paying to maintain your house, for t-shirts, for formals, and for your organization to be able to pay the executives at your national offices. The strength of relationships you forge with your sisters is totally up to you. No one is going to force you to become best friends with all 50 women in your new member class. No one is going to sit you and another girl down and tell you that you have to become best friends. Everything is up to you.

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