Don't be scared to show off your personality with your dorm room as your canvas.

Sometimes, a simple room can just be a bit too plain. Don’t be scared to show off your personality with your dorm room as your canvas. Image from StockSnap.

Going away to college means a bit of freedom, especially if you are living far from home. If you are moving away from home, that means you will get to dorm! No matter where you go, you will still want your own place to have your own style to it. Perhaps you like a modern chic style so you would like your dorm room to be monochrome. Maybe you love sports so you want to hang all your posters, prized jerseys and medals. However, even with the variety in styles, there is the fact that you want your room to be familiar to you. What or who are you going to miss the most when you are away? The majority of you viewers will probably answer with your family, friends, and perhaps your hometown. The best way to dissolve any homesickness is to create your old home into your new home – with the use of pictures. Decorating your dorm room with pictures is a necessity, and here are several ways to decorate!

Picture Frames

This is probably the old-school way of having pictures. Simple and easy, just go out to a store like Target and buy a bunch of picture frames. There are a ton of decorative frame on the market and the best way to show off your pictures would be to find the right frame for each picture. Maybe you have a really cute picture of you and your BFF. Get one of those frames that says “Friends Forever” or “Love” or something of the sort. A picture tells a story, but with these frames, those stories will have a subtitle already made for them.

Stick-and-Paste Onto the Walls

Perhaps you think that having frames on your desk is a bit too lame? How about putting your pictures up on the wall? For my dorm room during my freshman year, I actually decorated my wall with my pictures in a shape of a heart like this. Of course, you can do anything with the pictures and put them up any way you want. It can even border your room like this idea here. The possibilities are endless. However, I would suggest getting the pictures printed on photo paper or going to Walgreen’s or buying from Shutterfly. The pictures will look flawless and pictures on printer paper will end up rolling up by the end of the school year (trust me, I know).

DIY (Do it Yourself) Activities

Perhaps you want to be a bit more creative? There are a ton of ideas where you can show off your pictures of family and friends. A popular idea that has been popping up recently incorporates the idea of a clothes line like this. Using string and a medium to attach your pictures (such as clothespins and paperclips), this idea not only keeps your photos organized, it gives a fresh and fun vibe to your room.  An even more artsy idea is making a letter collage like this for example. If you want to have letter collages just for your family, perhaps you can pick the letters, “F,” “A,” and “M” and hang them along them wall! Or maybe you want to make a letter collage which includes al your close friends. Pick the letters that spell out BFF! Of course, if you like the first idea, which is simply buying frames but you want to make each frame unique, you can buy puff paint and decorate your frames any way you want. You can even hot glue some fake flowers onto your frames along the border!

After seeing all these ideas on how to decorate your dorm room, doesn’t it make you more excited for summer to be over and for you to go back to school? It’s time to prepare for your move!

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