Photo by Pexels.

Photo by Pexels.

If you’re going to school away from home, you’re probably leaving your parents long term for the first time. When you get to college, you’re going to have much more control over your schedule and how much free time you have and want to spend when it comes to communicating with your parents. Yours and your parents’ schedules may conflict and dictate how much time you talk to your parents overtime. Of course, there isn’t really a set amount of time that someone has to spend talking to their parents during time. There are a couple of different types of people when it comes to how often people interact with their parents on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis.

If You’re Homesick

There are quite a few people who manage to adjust to the college life and not be homesick after a couple of weeks into school. However, there are some people who may have really liked where they were back home and it was a hard adjustment. Because of that, having the chance to talk to their parents may help them feel a little bit better. It brings them a little comfort into their daily life and they have the chance to connect with their parents on a daily basis even if they’re not physically at home. Some people may think that since they’re away from home, they need to separate themselves, but your parents can still be a part of your life even if you’re not living there at that moment.

If You’re Indifferent

A big group of people in college tend to call their parents not every day, but somewhat frequently. They may call 1-3 times a week, just to catch up and ask about how each other’s week is going. I can understand if some people may think talking once a day will end up drying out the conversation as some days, you may not have anything to talk about, or maybe you didn’t do anything worth mentioning that day. So doing a couple of times a week or every other week keeps you connected with them but you’re also able to do your own thing and still have things to talk about when you do call. If you stay somewhere in the middle with this amount of time for communication, you’re able to still keep a good relationship with your parents and have time for other things.

If You’re Fiercely Independent

Whether they’re pretty independent and don’t necessarily talk to their parents often or they don’t have the best relationship, there are still a few people that will only talk to their parents a couple of times a month or every couple of months. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you’ll have lots to talk about when you do catch up with them. Also you’ll have the chance to really be independent and live your own life without parents involved. However, this could start the distancing of this parent and child relationship as a side effect of only talking to them every once in a while. This could be considered good or bad depending on the person and how close you want to be to your parents considering you’re now away from home.

With all three of these descriptions, there isn’t a ranking of which one is best and which is worse. It really depends on the parent and child relationship. Every parent and kid are going to interact differently, especially now that you’re taking the first few steps into adulthood and being on your own. Just remember that you being away not only affects you, but also them. It may be their first time dealing with a child away from home, so it makes sense if they may latch on and call more often than you want in the beginning. Eventually you’ll both get into a routine that’s comfortable for both sides.

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