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Whether we like it or not, school itself is a magnet for daily stress. This includes hundreds of thousands of different types of teenage related problems. Having a test in the upcoming week? Going through relationship issues with your significant other? College applications looming around the corner? Prom? Graduation? All of these very different scenarios equate to one thing we all experience and have in common. They come with a certain degree of stress.

Fortunately there are a number of different ways to deal with these situations. It’s important to take steps in the right direction in order to prevent some serious health consequences. Chronic stress can lead to an array of different problems such as increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, raised blood pressure, and even catalyzing the aging process. Teenagers often don’t think about health problems but its important to prevent any unnecessary pressure. Thankfully there are some things you can do for that.

Motivational Music

This type of stress relief can be particularly helpful in a number of different ways. Personally, I absolutely love listening to motivational music when writing an essay or excerpt for a class, or even for writing articles on The Prospect as well!. It helps me put my thoughts into coherent and logical words that makes sense. Other ways motivational music can be used is during exercise, breaks, etc.

The genre is entirely up to you! Whatever your taste in music is, there will be different effects of the music on your productive levels. Some people may like The Script as a personal favorite or other artists under Indie, Electro, Rock, etc. Find your favorite genre and use that in order to lower your stress levels and calm yourself down. Be open to different techniques!

Motivational Videos

This is my all time favorite way to get through a tough day. Rather then stressing over what needs to be done, I seek the motivation to do what I need to do. For example, about a week before a major test, I get into the study mode on my free days. Right before that though, I sit down, relax, and go on YouTube. Seems counterproductive, right? Wrong.

YouTube is probably one of the best mediums where you can search for motivational videos. Here is one of my favorites. (Seriously, watch it. The video is absolutely amazing for stress relief.) The narration, visuals, and music all come together to get me through what is an extremely productive study session. It helps me realize that an end goal in sight is important. To reach for the stars and have nothing in your way is something we all need to know, practice, and cherish dearly to remove stress from our personal lives.

Also realize this, the motivational videos you watch don’t entirely have to be of the same “genre” as well. Something as calming and peaceful as a nature video can be a way in which you relieve the stress of any upcoming events. Like the music you listen to, it all depends on the person. Don’t be tied down to one particular video. Explore the vast realm of the internet!

Motivational Speeches

Motivational videos and speeches are two completely different things. A motivational speech can be something you listen to and follow religiously. The person giving the speech does not matter as much as how much you are influenced by the speaker himself. Anyone from a comedian to the president of the United States himself can be your motivator to relieve your stress.

There are tons of outlets where you can hear different motivational pieces of your choosing. One of the best places to look for them are podcasts. If you’re driving to school the day of the big test, listen to your favorite episode to help calm your nerves. Trust me, anything helps to take your mind off the edge!

In the end, these motivational tactics can only take you so far. Stress is something we seriously have to consider as teenagers. Too much of it can be extremely detrimental to your social, physical, and mental well-being. Motivation is something we all need at different points of our lives. Don’t take it for advantage and test out all of these methods. You’re bound to find one that calms you down the most! Just remember, it’s not the end of the world unless you make it so.

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