Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

It’s second semester senior year, and it seems like everyone has their plans for next year finalized. All those people who took advantage of early action applications already have their options lined up in front of them. As for your friends who applied Early Decision, they’ve been past all this application stress since December. While it can feel like the end of the world when you don’t have a solid answer to that question everyone is asking, “What will you be doing next year?”, you are definitely not alone. So how exactly should you deal with this until you can finally answer the question?

1. Take advantage of your last few months of high school

It’s easy to mentally check out by the second half of senior year, already imagining yourself away to college. Don’t fall into this trap – now is the perfect time to evaluate how you spend your time, and figure out what aspects of your high school experience you will miss the most. Throw yourself into your extracurriculars, remember that this is your last chance to play on this team, or to work with your favorite club.

2. Don’t be afraid to answer honestly

If all of your peers seem to answer with certainty about their plans for next year, it can be tempting to try to justify why you haven’t solidified plans just yet. You don’t have to explain to every person that asks why you did not apply early action, or give a complete list of every school you are still waiting to hear back from. It’s completely fine to answer with your top choices, or just to simply say that you are waiting on decisions.

3. Finally, breathe!

You’re far from the only person still waiting to find out college decisions. You’ve submitted all your materials, so there’s nothing to be gained at this point from worrying. The decisions will come. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!

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