Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

With Gabriella jumping into Troy’s arms at the end of High School Musical and Sam and Austin riding off to Princeton University together at the end of A Cinderella Story, it seems safe to say that we’ve all had expectations of the social aspects of high school, specifically, having a doting significant other to go out for pizza and movies with and to call when it seems as if the day could not get any worse.

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For some, High School Musical and A Cinderella Story have not given a skewed conception of what high school would be like—and congratulations if you fall into this category! But for others, such as myself, who spend more romantic nights with various textbooks instead of on dates, HSM and A Cinderella Story have most definitely lied to us with their sappy lines and plot lines that are way too dependent on coincidence.

But you know what? Who needs a relationship when…there are cats!

1. Cats are cuter than any date you’ll ever have.

With their striking eyes of various colour, adorable paws, and soft, little ears, cats are far more aesthetically pleasing than any significant other could ever hope to be!

Of course, looks are not everything in a relationship, but how could their fuzzy bodies and delicate whiskers ever hurt? There is so much fuss about finding junior prom and prom dates as the months of April, May, and June roll around—but none of that is really necessary.

Cats are able to pull off bow ties to a tee; not to mention that all felines have the innate talent of modeling; looking great in every single picture ever taken of them. And on top of that, another perk to taking a kitten as your date? No issues of who-asked-who and but-she-was-supposed-to-go-with-him-but-he-asked-her involved whatsoever! A drama free night filled with music and dancing—what more could anyone ask for?

2. Food… Sharing?

Sure, we’ve all seen couples adorably feeding each other bits of pizza or ice cream from their own spoons—but let’s be honest here. Who really wants to share those mozzarella sticks or only eat half of the much-anticipated cannoli? Nobody. One of the best things about cats is that you don’t have to share your food. They chomp away in their cute little fashion at the food in their bowls—how they eat it, we’ll never know—and although they do hop onto our laps and give the patented puss-in-boots pout while we’re eating something particularly delicious ourselves, they certainly can’t do more than meowing when we refuse to cave. Tough love, kitten, but this donut is mine!

3. It’s Like They Majored in “Listening”.

Cats, with their wise eyes and swishy tails, always seem to be down for a talk; completely happy to cuddle up and stay silent while we vent about the last test that we studied so hard for yet did so badly on, or that guy in the back of the classroom who believes that he’s such a comedian—when in reality, most of the class wants to turn around and give him a reality check. Whatever the problem may be, cats are always up for listening—and even chime in with a meow or two if there is something that they particularly want to express. Not to mention that there is no fighting for the covers when taking a nap with cats, in other words, why should you get the best promotional items for cats? if they are adorable creatures and deserve everything! They always curl up somewhere snuggly and sleep quietly; so much better than human significant others, who sometimes snore, kick, and steal the blankets.

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