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Close your eyes and imagine for a bit. After having a fun, relaxing summer and an orientation that makes you happy to kick off the year, you just can’t wait to ace all your classes! After all, your major is something you have been interested in for the longest time. On your first day, you get the normal first day jitters. Holding your smartphone in your hand with a picture of your schedule/school map, you slowly navigate your way to your classes. In your first class, you see the syllabus and notice that homework is worth a measly 10% of your grade, while tests, quizzes, and the final are worth 40%, 20% and 30% respectively. You are a bit worried since you aren’t a strong test taker, but you quickly wave away your worries as this class is full of interesting material – material that is relevant for the future.  Fast forward to after taking your finals, you feel relieved but nervous to get your grades as well. The day grades are revealed finally comes, and you check your grades. Your heart stops. IS  YOUR DREAM JOB NOT GOING TO BE REALITY ANYMORE?!?

The point of going to college is to have a greater education and to specialize in what you like. Usually, students tend to study something that will be relevant to them in the future. For example, if a student wanted to become a doctor, he/she will most likely major in the sciences such as chemistry or biology. If a student wanted to sell products, he/she can major in communications or marketing. However, what if you end up getting a bad GPA because classes are too hard for you? Does this mean you should definitely switch majors? Of course not!

1. You might not be used to the college life just yet.

Freshman year can either be the easiest or hardest year of your undergraduate years. After all, this is the transitional period in your life and people tend to perform worse in a different environment. Although it will mainly consist of lower division courses, it can still be hard if you do not know how to study yet. In high school, maybe you studied the night before for a couple hours and yet ace the exam. That will not happen in college. You will mostly need to study at least a week in advance, especially if your course is very memory based. Also, students tend to go out more to social events and this can cause the decrease in grades. They do not know how to balance out their academic and social life, and this can really hurt them.

2. The other required classes may not be much of a struggle.

There will always be a couple of classes which will cause you a bit of a headache. Sometimes, it is the general education courses that make your GPA so low. If this is your reason for wanting to switch your major, you should stop that thought right now because everyone has to take general education courses no matter what. Just take the classes in each GE category that seems more interesting, or if want to do the easy route, go on RateMyProfessor and see which classes seem to be an easy A. Even if the classes you are struggling with is directly associated with your major (ex. struggling in chemistry when you are a biology major), it is okay. Being bad in several classes is honestly not that big of a deal. It’s only a big deal if every required course causes damage to your grades.

3. If you really like the material you are learning, there’s no reason to give up.

I have several friends who are in a certain major because their parents want them to study that major even if they don’t want to. However, people should study what they want to study. Other people cannot make a big decision for you. That’s why, if you want to switch your major, but you do not find anything else appealing, you should just give it your all and study day and night. There’s no reason to give up if your dream career is at the end of the rocky road. You have to endure for the future you want, for the future that will make you happy. And if you are not happy in the end, why should you go through the rocky road in the first place?

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