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Image from All Things D.

I made one of the worst and best decision in the 9th grade. I signed up for a Tumblr account. Ever since then, I have been a Tumblr addict. I don’t actually know why I’m so addicted to this website. At first, I just kind of thought that this would be a website that would allow me to fangirl over my favorite K-Pop group. Now, Tumblr has introduced me to so many fandoms than I can’t even count. But that’s not it. Tumblr has done more than teach me what OTP or canon mean. I have truly learned a lot over the past few years, such as the fact that cats are awesome.

Okay, in all seriousness, the people on that website has actually brought up some very important and interesting issues that we should all know about.

1. Feminism

Okay, please bear with me! You may think that people on Tumblr have a screwed up meaning of feminism—that it is just a way for people to bring down all the guys. Unfortunately, there are people who do that on Tumblr. Then again, if you choose to think for yourself and understand what is right and what is wrong, you can see why feminism is such an important topic. 

I’ve never actually thought about the topic at all and never knew the real need for it. But then people pointed out the little things that we, girls, tend to do and see. For example, you will see in a lot of novels, television, and movies,  the main female character will claim that she is “not like other girls” because she may not be very girly or enjoys playing a video game and whatnot.

What is wrong with this? First of all, what is so wrong about being girly? Absolutely nothing. It shames girls for liking a certain thing. Second of all, this character is grouping all the girls in one category, not recognizing that all the girls are individuals with their own, personal, and passionate interests. It’s just little things like these that we all see and do everyday that needs to stop before we can do anything more.

There are a lot of things I have learned throughout the years about feminism from Tumblr. Here are some main points: Girls should not be afraid to love what they love. Girls can speak up. Girls should help out other girls and not bring each other down. Girls should be treated equally with boys. And most importantly: Girls should learn to love themselves.

2. Sexuality and Genders

Without Tumblr, I would’ve never heard of the word cis or demisexual. I’m still no expert of all sexualities and genders and I still have a lot to learn, but at least I have some awareness. This is what I find amazing about Tumblr. You learn so many things that you don’t know you need to know. By making aware of all these sexualities and genders, it has really helped me understand others more. It helps me become less ignorant. 

Another great thing about Tumblr is that it has to do with empowerment. This website allows you to be who you want to be. I think it really encourages you to be comfortable with your sexuality and gender. Of course, like the deal with the feminism on Tumblr, there are people who will feel like attacking every single little thing. There are people feel like they need to attack the majority to defend the minority. This is not always right and can be the total opposite of what you are supposed to do. Again, like the topic with feminism, you need to think about everything anyone says, which brings me to my next topic.

3. Thinking for Yourself and Fact Checking

Sometimes people go overboard when trying to fight for equality. This may be where you have heard the term “feminazis” or “social justice warriors.” I certainly do see it on Tumblr a lot. For instance, people who claim to be feminists attack males for being simply males. That is not the point of feminism at all. They shouldn’t even be counted as a feminist if they do that. This is why you need to think for yourself. Is what you are seeing correct? Just because a famous blogger said it, doesn’t mean it is.

Onto a side note: Something that Tumblr does well is that it spreads news. I have never really kept myself updated with what is going on with the world. The fact that there are people on Tumblr who create posts to help other people understand a situation going on in the world is super helpful. However, again, you need to approach this with caution, and not with just news of course. You need to remember to always fact check!

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