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The physical and mental act of joining a club requires an elongated thought process that many students hardly ever think about. If an individual is going to dedicate all of their time and commitment to a particular organization, he or she must consider numerous aspects that characterize this.

What could this possibly include? Depending on the person, the potential benefits of a club can include future investments in education, personal development, and the blooming of friendships. Lets dive right down into the different ideals behind each of these topics.

1. Future Investments in Education 

College is a completely different learning environment than that of high school. For example, students have the ability to chose what major they want to pursue. This sets up individuality in that those that prefer mathematics, science, liberal arts, etc. may blossom in their preferred fields.

How does this play a role in the clubs you join in high school? Simple. Rising above and beyond in a certain disciple will exponentially boost your personal enrichment in the subject. For example, perhaps you are seeking a math oriented major in college. Some clubs that might be of interest to you include competition based clubs or the math honor society.

Overall, a student has a plethora of resources to follow through with when polishing their skills. The number of academically orientated organizations available to high school students nowadays is amazing. Don’t take this opportunity for granted.

2. Personal Development 

An individual must realize that high school is the prime time for them to understand and know the values in learning more about themselves. There are several clubs that can aide you in this process.

For example, volunteering organizations such as your school’s environmental club is an excellent resource to learn more about

giving back to the community. Giving back to the community means to undertake a particular task free of any monetary compensation. Instead, an individual who gives back is rewarded in heightened interpersonal aptitude, personal fulfillment, and valuable developmental skills.

Working on the benefits of this will eventually mold you into the person you wish to one day become. Other clubs that aide in personal development are far and wide. To enter the other side of the spectrum, organizations such as your student council or class officer team play a huge role in personal development.

Why is this you ask? Becoming a leader entails an enriched work ethic, improved public speaking skills, and ongoing perseverance. Leadership means having the ability to effectively intertwine a group of people to develop a joint effort in a common goal. A leader must work within a team rather than as an individual in order to pursue a higher order of cognitive thinking, experience, and opinions.

The only way to perfect these skills is to join organizations that offer positions in which allow the student to flourish based on his or her actions. In the end, it is up to the student to take what they learn from clubs such as these and apply them to their personal lives.

3. Blooming of Friendships 

Finally, one of the more nonchalant aspects in joining a club is the idea of a blooming of friendships. Yes, you want to join a club that interests your academic interest while at the same time progressing your personal development. In the end though, an individual must make sure that their peers within the same organization follow the same interests as they do.

This idea isn’t actually too far reached. If you join a music club, chances are you’ll find fellow students who share the same ideals as you. Make bonds and friendships with these people.

What does this all mean?

Overall, schools across America are all characterized by tidal waves of extracurricular activities. The availability of the different types of clubs to students is absolutely amazing and should clearly be taken advantaged of. It is important to look ahead when associating with a club. If done correctly, you will reap the benefits of a multifaceted decision. Check out this article for a high school freshman’s guide to extracurricular activities!

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