Going to school in a brand new state can be pretty nerve-racking and stressful. Believe me, I know from experience. Not to worry though, there are ways to get through it! My first tip? When you go in on your first day at your new school, remember that not everyone is as scary as they seem. Those first few conversations are always a bit rough, but it’s usually true that most people are nice once you have a chance to talk to them. How else should you conquer your first couple days at a new school in an area you’re not familiar with? Read on!

1. Be a Conversation Starter

Now it’s likely that your teachers will introduce you to your new classmates when you get to each of your classes. While this helps the class get to know your name don’t be afraid to personally introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. Looking for something to talk about? Don’t worry! Being new is a great conversation starter. People seem to love talking about where you’re from and the school you used to go to, and they love hearing about what it was like to live in another state. These small starter conversations also ensure that people remember you outside of class.

Pro tip: introductions definitely go both ways. Take time to learn the names of other people, and don’t forget to take an interest in the person you’re talking to. It shows that you’re not just concerned about yourself, but also learning about the other person.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions                                                                                                

Trust me, no expects you to know everything about your new school the first day you walk in. There’s a huge possibility that your new school could be totally different from the one you just came from. If you have a question doesn’t be afraid to ask one of your teachers or even one of your new peers!  Don’t forget that everyone is new at some point. If you ask the boy or girl sitting next to you in class where your next classroom is, chances are they aren’t going to mind helping you. Again people may seem scary when you first walk in, but most of the time they’re nice and willing to help you.

3. Get Involved

Whether you’re entering a new school in the beginning of the year or even the middle, the best way to meet new people is by getting involved, especially in activities like clubs and sports. Extracurriculars are time when people with similar interests as you get together, and it’s a perfect way to introduce yourself. Now, if you’re starting a new school in the middle of the year then the chances are clubs have already had quite a few meetings. Don’t be afraid to go and talk the club advisor and tell them that you’re new to school. If you were part of a similar club or organization in your old school, your new school will have no problem with you entering the club. Remember: teachers want you to succeed and be happy, and clubs are one of the ways to make a whole bunch of new friends.

Moving: It’s Scary But Totally Doable!

Moving to a new town or even state can be a scary situation, and having to start a new school where you don’t know anyone can be even scarier. I’ve talked to tons of people and each one of them have said it’s scary and stressful for the first few days, but each one of them stuck it out. Guess what? Each one of those kids ended up happy in their new school and has tons of new friends. Just remember that kids aren’t as scary and intimidating as they might seem. It may be hard to speak up and make conversation with the person next to you, but it’ll surely help in the long run. Things will change after the first few days and will get a whole lot better!

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