Image from Iso Republic.

Image from Iso Republic.

This article could just as easily be titled “A Guide to Following the News When You Barely Have Time to Keep Up on Your Emails,” or “How to Sound Moderately Well-Informed in Class Discussions”. Between readings for classes and work for extracurriculars, it’s hard to find time to make sure you know what’s going on in the world. However it is possible, and the key is to cut your attention down to just the essentials.


If you’re anything like me, you probably spend time going through apps on your phone before you even get out of bed. Subscribing to theSkimm makes reading the news an easy part of this routine. Once you subscribe every weekday you’ll receive a news summary of the most important terms and events to know. I particularly like how theSkimm gives an easy-to-understand background for more complex events, making it the perfect introduction into what topics you are interested in following up on.


This app is useful if you are active on Facebook or Twitter. If you connect Nuzzel with either or both accounts, it compiles the articles shared by people you follow into an easy-to-read newsfeed. My favorite feature of this app is that you can sort articles by how many people that you follow have shared them. When I see, for example, that The Atlantic and The New York Times both shared an article, I’m much more likely to be interested.

NPR News Roundups

These are quick updates that you can listen to on your way to class. Tailor this option to your interests – maybe you want the weekly news roundup, It’s All Politics, or maybe you quickly want to hear a snippet of what’s going on today, so you go for the Hourly News Summary. I like this option because in the few seconds I take to download an episode, I almost always see at least one other title that catches my attention.

What other news sources do you like?

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