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When summer finally starts the only thing I want to do is relax and do nothing for a few days. During the semester I always think about how I want to do so many things during the summer that I can’t do because of how much school work I have. Before I know it, it’s the start of the new semester and my summer was wasted. I always get disconnected from school and shut my mind off which makes it even more difficult to start classes again. I am planning on making the most out of this summer by doing things that will help me for my last semester in the fall. I’m definitely still going to enjoy my summer and have my lazy days, but here’s a few things I am going to make sure I do when I have the chance to.

Use your brain

I’m guilty of buying books throughout the school year to save for the summer to read knowing I’ll have down time to do so. It always seems to be that I forget to read them and do other things to keep busy. Reading a few books over the break is a good way to still use your brain without actually doing homework.

It is especially important for me to read when I can since I’m a humanities student and it helps enhance my skills and broaden my knowledge of authors. I have a few books that are referenced in almost of my classes sitting on my book shelf that I want to read during the summer. There are a lot of other things you can do to keep your brain going during the summer instead of shutting it off from learning. I like to read the news daily and read about different things in my major to keep up to date. I also will occasionally do some research on a topic I’m interested in and it’s even better if it’ll help me in the upcoming semester. I think it’s important to have time to do fun things during the summer and make the most out of it, but taking time to also do things that will require you to think will benefit you.

Do new things

It’s difficult to be able to extra things in college when you are balancing classes, work and school work. The summer is the perfect time to do things that you have been wanting to or to do some new things. I like to take time to write and work on the projects I started a while ago since I rarely get to during the semester. I try to do something new at least every week during the summer and I will try even harder to keep this up this summer.

Last summer I tried hiking and being outside more and it now is something I am looking forward to as I am working on my final projects and papers for school. Trying new things during the summer allows you to use the break wisely and will keep you busy instead of being bored. I have those days when I don’t know what to do because I’m so used to always having something to do for school and these are the best days to try something new. It could be something outside but could also be learning a new skill or going to try a new food. It creates good experiences and it can even help you expand yourself.

Gain work experience

Summer break is a great time to be able to gain work experience whether it be in your major or just a part time job. I suggest finding a job that would help you in the future especially on your resumé. For example, if you are going to college to be a veterinarian and don’t have an internship for the summer, a job pet sitting or volunteering at your local shelter would be helpful. An internship or a job directly in your major is an amazing opportunity to have and during the break you’ll have more time to work. I used to believe my summer break was a time just to relax and forget about school, but it is important to use it wisely. Volunteering is also an option even if it’s not something for your major.

Working during the summer may take up a lot of your time but there’s always your days off to do something fun and new! It may be enticing to not have to work at all during the summer but it is very beneficial for your future and you’ll gain experience you wouldn’t get anytime else.

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