Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

All that noise! I could hear all the shouts and horns from several blocks away. Upon entering campus, I see all the different outfits, with certain people holding up flags in the air. WHAT WEEK IS THIS??

I remember back in high school, spirit week was a week to remember. All of the excitement in the air, all of the fighting spirit of the different classes wanting to be the spirit week winners. It was possibly one of the most important weeks to us students. Although the homecoming game (which also had the most attendance of the season)
was at the end of the week, the first four days had the four classes rivaling against each other. It was only the last day where the whole school would act as one, and cheer for our school for victory.

As you may tell, spirit was a big part in student life at my high school. That’s why, to me, it can be a bit of a shock to hear that some schools don’t even have a football team to cheer for, for this can be the basis of school spirit. How can there be school spirit then? Well no worries, here are some suggestions to make your college a bit more spirited!

1. There’s probably at least one important sport team at your college.

For example, at my college, University of the Pacific, we do not currently have a football team. However, there are a lot of other sports that are publicized throughout campus such as water polo, soccer, and basketball. There is usually a t-shirt give out for the first 50 people or so, and that definitely helps with the attendance! Of course, there is always that ONE big game that is the biggest game of the season, so be sure to come out and cheer for your fellow athletes!

2. Buy your campus hoodie!

Or any other gear that represents your school! This can be the best way to show people what school you are from, without having to say a word, especially when you are on break and not on campus!
Also, everyone needs a hoodie for those lazy days when you have a couple of minutes to get to class and have not gotten dressed yet. Your school hoodie would be perfect for days like these! Put on this hoodie and some pants and you are good to go! Although they can be a bit expensive, remember that there are always specials days where they can be on sale so look out for them!

3. Or simply, be involved on campus.

Perhaps you want to put another thing on your resume. Or perhaps you are just bored and there is nothing to do except study. You can join a extracurricular on campus like a club or even a fraternity! This way, during conferences, you can talk about how cool your chapter is, or how cool your campus is as well! When students from other schools see how excited you are about your school, it will give them the impression that your school is actually really neat and cool!

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