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Between classes, homework, work and everything else students are up to, it’s difficult to find time in my busy schedule to do anything extra. By the time I finish my list of mandatory tasks I rarely want to read or write more than I already did for my homework. Even though I’m busy, I know taking time to use what I’m learning in class and expanding my knowledge is important. I know, reading and writing out of classes probably seems less of an obligation than your other work, but it is important to set aside time to do something creative – like listening to music, reading, writing, drawing or something similar. There are many benefits to this, especially allowing your brain to do something other than math problems or memorizing formulas. Joining clubs or groups also helps to use what you are learning in class and use your knowledge in a different way. The following list includes the most important reasons for doing even more outside of the classroom.

Relieve Stress

For me, reading and writing are ways to relax. You may be thinking that it isn’t for everyone, but you can take advantage of extra reading or writing in any way. For example, you might read a news article everyday, or write a blog post. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to complete a novel or write sonnets. Whatever form of creativity that takes your mind off of things is also beneficial to your school life because it’ll help you be less stressed out. Finding something that helps use your brain in a different way will help build new skills or even see your major in a different way.

Creating the time to do something else other than school is useful and is even more helpful when it relates to your major. I typically read novels written in the same time period as what I’m reading in a class to increase my understanding. Things like this help with my major, but also constitute ways I relax. Writing daily is another thing I do because it helps organize my thoughts and exercise my brain. It helps to get away from homework for even a small break to relax your brain or even add to your learning without focusing directly on what your work is. In addition, most of us are constantly on our computers or phones, which isn’t a good thing – especially before going to bed. It is important to take breaks from the screen and read a book or do something creative that will relax you. Also, doing something creative you like allows yourself to take your mind off of classes and the stress that goes along with them.

Learn More About Your Major

Besides doing things that will help take away the stress of classes, it’s important to expand your knowledge of what you’re learning in classes. Researching about major events happening in the world that correspond with your major will allow you to know things you wouldn’t learn in class and will help you with your classes. I am constantly reading news about people relevant to literature and the humanities. I have had times when I was learning something in a class that I already was familiar with because of reading. I learn vocabulary about my major which helps me in my classes.

I recommend researching topics you’re learning that are new to you because it’ll increase your understanding and give you additional information. The additional things you learn can also help you succeed in any clubs or groups you’re in because you’ll understand things better.

Become a Better Communicator

Every major in college requires some form of writing whether it is a lab report, paper, or proposal. Taking a few courses in the humanities does increase your skill, but unless you write almost every day, your prowess might weaken.

Reading also increases your writing skills because you are learning new words and different ways people write. Writing is one of the strongest ways to communicate and get your thoughts across to an audience. Taking the time to read something and critically analyze it for a meaning is important because you will learn different techniques to enhance your writing. Not only does every major require writing, most careers look for strong communicators in ways such as writing. Doing something creative daily will also help you in your classes by increasing your abilities to critically understand a topic, communicate, and come up with new ideas. It will also help you understand yourself better, as cliche as it sounds.

You will perform better in classes because you’re mind will be less cluttered and allow you to focus on new topics.

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