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    1. Don’t stay confined to your campus. Many of you are going to school in amazing places. Explore the things around you.
    1. The Freshman 15 only exists if you let it
    1. The luxury of skipping class all the time is a myth
    1. Even though your professors will tell you not to do it, Rate my Professor is actually a great way to test run a class before you decide on taking it
    1. Class Registration is the hunger games
    1. Look for a free pdf version of any books before you buy them, soda pdf can help you with any kind of online pdf format text conversions.
    1. You will have different friends at the start of the year than you did at the end. It’s never too late to meet new people. Don’t limit yourself to one group
    1. Find one adult on campus, be it an advisor or professor who you feel comfortable going to for advice or just to talk
    1. Buy a planner. Actually write in the planner.
    1. Buying books from the bookstore is a last and desperate option. Renting books online is cheaper
    1. Set rules with your roommate before she brings her boyfriend over in the middle of the night on the weekend without telling you and you’re forced to have that awkward conversation
    1. Educate yourself on what consent is and make sure you never go to a party alone without a friend or two
    1. Make at least one friend in each class that you can borrow notes from when you’re absent
    1. Even if you commute to campus it is still your second home. Don’t be so quick to rush home after classes. Stay the weekend with a friend, join clubs, hang around just for fun.
    1. College is a gateway drug to coffee. Beware how much you drink a day and try to go for a green tea instead if you can.
    1. Sleep is a magical thing. Take advantage of any and every time to nap.
    1. Not all your friends from home will be your friend when you get back.
    1. Utilize campus counseling and psychological services
    1. Always look for volunteer, internship, and work opportunities
    1. There is no such thing as looking cute for class. Sweats and tights will be your bff.
    1. 8 am’s are death.
    1. Any class before 11 am is impossible.
    1. Join clubs!
    1. Make friends with upperclassmen
    1. Always carry water in your bag
    1. Greek life is not the only way to have a social life. Don’t feel pressured
    1. Not everyone drinks. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do
    1. Never stop applying for scholarships. It’s never too late to look for free money
    1. College is not how it looks in the movies and going out every night to party and blowing off your work may seem cool but it won’t when you realize how much money you’re wasting and how bad your grades are.
  1. Not every day is a good day. Sometimes you’ll miss your mom, other days you’ll fail a test, and sometimes you just don’t feel that great. College is not crazy fun every single day. Remember that other people might look like they have their lives together but they’re either lying or using an Instagram filter. College is what you make it and can’t be defined by anyone else.

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