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In high school, you are under the constant watch over your parents. Some parents are super lenient, that only shouts “HAVE FUN!” when you run out the door. Others includes mine, which means once I get out the door (IF I GET OUT THE DOOR), I have to call them every hour and be home before my early curfew. Before I walk out the door, they have to know who is driving which means my friend actually has to get out of the car and introduce himself or herself.

Once you cross over to college, you have a bit of a sense of freedom, especially when you dorm on campus as well. Most students will not see their parents as often, other than the occasional Skype call and numerous phone calls. Because of this freedom, students tend to become a bit more wild, even more if your school is known as a party school.

Being a college student may seem fun, but there are also days where work must be done. After all, being in college can be hectic. Here are 50 things that should be done in college! Hopefully during the time you are a college student, you will be able to check off most of these:

1. No matter what major you will declare, there’s no doubt that an all-nighter will occur while studying for exams and/or finals.
2. Go on a road trip with friends.
3. Have a high school friend come visit and crash your place (and vice versa)
4. Go to the biggest game of the year and show spirit.
5. Sit in on a lecture that you did not register for. You might think the subject is fun and learn new things. It’s also great if you plan on taking the class in the future as well.
6. YOLO and do something that will be considered out of your comfort zone.
7. Meet your best friends that will perhaps be your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen.
8. Join Greek life. There are different types of fraternities such as professional and social.
9. Have a part time job.
10. Apply for an internship.
11. Learn from your mistakes.
12. Attend a frat party.
13. Skip a 8 AM class just because you want to sleep more (or can’t hear your alarm).*
14. Be sexiled.*
15. Get locked out of your dorm and/or room.*
16. Study abroad and learn about the culture there.
17. Sleep at the library during finals week.
18. Be in the dean’s list at least once.
19. Have a movie marathon.
20. Be close to a professor.
21. Use your student discounts! Trust me, they are super useful.
22. Being under or over your meal plan.*
23. Learn how to cook, instead of eating ramen for days.
24. Eat instant food for a week because you are too lazy of leaving your room.
25. Join a club that interests you.
26. Get a picture with your school’s mascot.
27. Apply for outside scholarships.
28. Attend a party and get closed to being written up.*
29. Work out and not gain the freshman 15.
30. Change your major because you don’t like your current major anymore or you discovered that you rather study something else.*
31. Wear sweats and/or pajamas to class. No one really cares anyways.
32. Attend a school planned dance.
33. Take pictures of every event you go to.
34. Never be late or absent to a class.
35. Have a picnic on the school lawn with your buddies.
36. Make your own personal bucket list for your college years!

*Note for the numbers that are starred: These things are typical occurrences when you are dorming in a residential hall, which is why it’s on the bucket list. However, hopefully it does not happen!

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