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When you’re in college there is often a lot of pressure to go out every weekend. Live it up and enjoy the experience or “have fun,” but is that really all there is to college? Just because you have friends that go out to party every weekend it does not mean that you are also required to do so. There are plenty of things to do on campus or off campus but not partying during the weekend if you feel that you don’t want to go out with your friends.

First Destination: Your dorm room

As boring as it may seem to some people staying in your room every now in then can be nice. Taking the time to organize the mess that may or may not have built up during the week (…I mean, who has time to constantly fix your space?) can be very relaxing if not cathartic. When you stay in your room for the night you get the chance to sleep early for once because who knows when the last time is you slept before one a.m.? While you’re in your room you can listen to music and plan out your week which will enable you to be more productive in the scheme of things.

Second Destination: The lounge

Many dormitories have lounges which is a great area to meet people in. In the lounges you’re more likely to meet other people who didn’t want to go out or don’t go out every weekend so you can find friends to hang out with on the weekend. Eventually you’re likely to be able to find a group of friends who don’t party (or party rarely) that you’ll be able to fit into and the group will be able to plan events with each other.

Third Destination: On campus events

As lame as they may seem often times there are events that the college has planned for the students to go to every weekend to give them an opportunity to have fun without going out. For example last week at my school they had a magic show where a hypnotist came and entertained the audience. Many of the students got the chance to be hypnotized and learn different things about themselves. This past weekend in my dormitory there was a version of 60 seconds where you have 60 seconds to complete a task which is often a fun mini game. For example stacking cups in a pyramid or blowing 10 cups off of a table using the air from a balloon you had to blow up yourself. Going to events such as these are a great way to make friends and spend some time out of your room.

Fourth Destination: The town

If you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of stores or places to visit the weekend is a great time to take a chance and explore the neighborhood. From strip malls to actual malls you don’t have to spend money because sometimes window shopping is just as fun. You could also take the time to visit some of the local museums to get a feel for your local city’s history. For example I go to a college right outside of the city of Philadelphia so I have the chance to visit places such as the Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia Art Museum and even the Liberty Bell. We’re also about 30 minutes in most directions from a major mall and 10 minutes to a strip of shops so there’s the chance to go hang out with friends any time that you want to. You could also take the time to go to the movies and catch a flick with some friends. If you don’t want to spend money though you could just walk through the town or go to a local park to distress.

No matter what you end up doing during your weekend be safe. Don’t go anywhere alone always travel in numbers because if either of you ends up in trouble you’ll have someone there that is guaranteed to help you out. By making sure everyone is okay at any given time that’s a key to having fun in itself. If you do choose to go out and party and end up drinking do so in moderation not to the point of blacking out not only because it isn’t healthy but also because you’re likely to end up feeling like crap when you wake up in the morning. So stay in or go out but no matter what you do enjoy yourself.

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