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With modern-day technology and the attention span of a two-year old characterizing a majority of today’s teenagers, it can be difficult to process all of the necessary information needed in order to succeed in school, work, and extracurricular activities. In many ways, this technology can be used as an advantage to all of those people involved. For example, applications for productivity are available to teenagers in essentially every platform imaginable, from laptops to phones.

If one can harness this secret weapon, the student will inevitably wield an undeniable amount of power. There are literally hundreds of thousands of online applications that you can download that will tailor to your everyday needs and wants. It is also incredibly important to note that these applications can serve you in a variety of different ways. Anything from note taking to an online music playlist, these apps will help you get into the right study mode that you need and want during times of stress.

For starters, perhaps one of the most influential applications I have personally used in my studies includes Evernote. Although there may be a number of methods of taking notes, Evernote uses an incredibly efficient system of management and immaculate control for those who want to organize their notes into different subsections. For example, the app includes customized notebooks that one can further divide into different sections. Personally, this allows me to know where I can study anything from lecture notes to book notes.

Another application that can lead to an increased level of productivity for everyday school and life work is Wunderlist. This application is perfect for setting aside a mental and visual picture of what you need to do in order to accomplish certain tasks. This includes setting aside different times to work on things such as extracurricular activities, different classes, and overall just setting time aside for yourself.

It’s time to switch gears into an entirely different type of application. Remember that productivity does not only stem from different apps that control what, when, where, and why you do things but also how you perform these tasks. Things such as music can influence these decisions. The premiere application one can use for something such as music is Spotify. Within the app, one can create a playlist from specific song choices available through Spotify’s diverse library of millions of songs. From study music to motivational tunes, this app can be your one stop go for a multitude of different reasons.

Finally, Google itself has several different applications that one can use for a variety of reasons. Productivity can come in all shapes and sizes. An attribute that adds to this includes the efficiency found in when a group of individuals find concentration in one another as they keep each other accounted for various tasks that need to be done and followed through it.

Google has apps for group work? Technically, Google has both yes and no answers to this question. It depends what you consider directly related to facilitating group work. Essentially, the concept of the Google Drive gives way to information storing in apps such as Google Docs as well as Google Slides. Here, numerous students with the link to the specific document can access and edit the work done from their own computers, accounts, and web browsers. This document essentially serves as a mediator location for all parties involved. This application will truly continue to serve students in the structure of teamwork and collaboration.

Want to check out an abundance of even more apps that you can use for an array of reasons? Check out this TP article! Here, the  article will even go in-depth in the wonders of Google Calendar! You’d be amazed on what you can accomplish with these Google themed apps.

Overall, applications for productivity can only take an individual so far with their studying. The important to realize is that in order to get the full effect for effective studying is to use these apps in accordance to how you specifically function and to tailor it around your own work schedule. From there, the possibilities available to you are legitimately endless. Any goal is possible as long as you put both your mind and heart to it.

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