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Image from Pexels

It’s college acceptance season, and it is time for high school seniors to decide what school they will attend in the fall! To many, this is a hard time because it’s a major step towards their futures. Since most of us are teenagers, there are many factors that influence our decisions. One of these factors is someone whom we hold most dear–our own best friend.

Most people have had dreams of attending the same college as their best friend. I remember that I used to dream that as well! It was hard to imagine attending a college where I did not know anyone! However, is it really the right choice to follow your best friend to the same college? Here are several reasons why you should not attend the same college as your best friend:

1. It is the chance to #YOLO and reinvent yourself.

Being at a school where you know several students prevents you from doing new things. Did you ever want to change your hair color to a blonde ombre, but you thought people would think it looked weird? Were you known as that shy goodie-two-shoes and you just want to try to party without any labels? At college with no one you know, you will be able to invent a whole new self. Of course, remember to not do anything drastic or anything out of your comfort zone unless you want to!

2. A school that your best friend is psyched to attend may not be the best choice for you.

Perhaps you only applied to a certain college because your best friend applied there. What if the major you would like to pursue is not even offered at that college? What if your best friend whats to attend a large state school with large class sizes, but you perform better in smaller settings? First of all, you might not want to contemplate a college that doesn’t even offer your major! That’s like you said that you want to become a baker, but you ended up going to a college that has no classes about the culinary arts. If you are paying all this money to earn an education, you might as well study what you want! Second, everyone has a different comfort zone. Go to somewhere that makes you comfortable!

3. Just because you and your best friend are not going to the same college does not mean you two are guaranteed to drift apart.

Honestly, if you have a strong friendship, or if both of you clearly want to pursue the friendship after high school, it will happen. People always state that it’s the people you still talk to after high school who are your true friends. If your best friend isn’t your true friend, who is? Also, there are wonderful creations like social media that helps us connect with people who live miles away! Use them!

4. You will make a best friend at your college as well.

No matter how long it will take you, you will end up finding that crowd that you belong to in college. You will end up meeting someone else that you can call your best friend. That way, you can have a best friend whenever you come home for summer and you will have someone there for you at school as well. Remember, “Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

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