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Our generation is all about communication. Whether it’s talking face to face, texting, or even using social media to contact one another, it has potential to being a simple task for anyone to accomplish if one put’s the effort towards it. Our generation is lucky to have a variety of ways to communicate. The truth of communication is that, sometimes it is not easy at all. By this I mean that communication from one person to another only happens if that one person (YOU) puts the effort into making that communication happen. Problems cannot be solved from having many people with many individual ideas floating around trying to collaborate into the solution idea of the problem, we have to work together using communication to solve what ever problem it may be.

Talking is key, especially before starting college. When first arriving to your chosen college, you do not know the exact location of all of your future classes, what your new professors’ expectations are like, or even come close to knowing who the other students are that could potentially end up being your best friends throughout your college career. Whether we like to admit it or not, we really do not know a whole lot before starting college.

I can personally say, I do not like to admit of not knowing about a lot of things from many heated conversations with my mom. It is okay to admit that we do not know, because now is our time to take that potential capacity of knowledge and test our own ability to have that desired capacity of knowledge! So do not panic, you do not need to wait to know more about everything your college has to offer before you meet with your future academic advisor/guidance counselor. You CAN find academic resources on your campus before you arrive at college. All you have to do is go out of your way and COMMUNICATE! Talk to your high school consoler, they can give you a lot of helpful tips to knowing more about your future courses. Go talk to your parents, they have potential of enlightening you on their own college experiences. Talking to some upper classmen about their own experiences from their first few years of college is also a good resource that is fairly easy to get too.

If you are still thinking that talking could not be enough to find out more about your academics, the reality of talking solving a lot of current issues as well as your future issues, are very real. You just have to take that big step out of your comfort zone to get that knowledge you are craving to know about. Resources, just for you, are EVERYWHERE if you put in that dedication to find them. Each college offers a variety of resources for support that there to just help you! Some of these services are covered in your tuition but, some of these services to help you are additional and are not covered in your tuition.

For example many colleges offer:

1. Disability support services- where they provide accommodations to students based on their eligibility.

2. Help centers for all subjects such as; math resource centers, chemistry resource centers, writing labs, music labs, and even library help sessions to show students how to utilize the all of the library’s resources.

3. Supplemental Instruction Units (SI Units)- these unit sessions that are regularly scheduled study sessions for traditionally difficult courses and this is provided for the students to get extra help with problem solving for that specific unit they are currently learning.

4. Counseling center- where students have their own academic advisor to seek out information as well as ask question about their courses and future carers.

Your desired college wants you to succeed in every way possible. They have those opportunities just waiting to be discovered by YOU. You just have to take big that step out of your comfort zone to get it. I know it can be easier said than done, but it can be done. First try talking, ask around at your local high school, your high school teachers as well as your high school guidance counselor can offer a lot of insightful information, family members, co-workers, or even your closet friends. Remember, your loved ones want you to succeed, and they are willing to help. Asking for help is nothing something to be ashamed of. By asking for help you are maturing into the problem solver that is concerned for his or her future careers. It is something to be proud about because you are learning and it is only the beginning!

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