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Don’t let being homesick keep you from having a good college experience! Get out and enjoy your new home for the next several years! Image from StockSnap.

Most of us have already started school for about a week or two already. To all the new college freshmen/transfers out there, you may think that you finally have a life of independence. You feel like you can finally act like an adult. No more curfews, no more texting your parents where you are every single second. You start sleeping as late as you want and hanging out with friends as late as you want. Soon, you have a feeling that something is missing from your life. You soon realize that you miss the feeling of your parents telling you to sleep at a certain time, to come to the table when dinner is served, to do the chores. Your surroundings are unfamiliar to you so you just want to be a kid again so you can live in the comfort of your home sweet home. However, you are a college student now, and you can’t suddenly leave school after a few weeks of attending so what can you do other than cry at night?

No worries! Just remember, you are not alone. Many college students have experienced homesickness during one time or another. No matter how excited a student is for college, being homesick is natural and normal especially during the first few weeks. So how can you cope with being away from home for an extended period of time?

1. Make new friends.

You need to get used to your new surroundings, and the best way to do that is to make new friends! Don’t just sit around in your dorm room moping and crying. Get out and find new buddies. No, they will not be the replacement of your friends back home, but they will be your support team throughout your college years.

2. Keep yourself occupied and stay busy.

Join extracurriculars and stay busy! Whenever you keep yourself busy, you leave no room for your mind to wander; which means you won’t have enough time to miss home. Pretty simple!

3. Don’t go home all the time.

People may be confused when they read that. They might think, “Shouldn’t we go home if we miss home?” Yes, you should definitely go home whenever you can. However, that means you will never truly get used to the fact that you live away from home. If possible, go home only about once a month. By then, although you feel excited to go home, you won’t feel the urge or need to go home too much since you are getting used to the new surroundings.

4. Communication is the key to any distance relationship.

Like a long distance relationship, you must keep in contact with your loved ones. For students who live far away from home, this will be the alternative for home visits, especially with plane tickets being so expensive in this economy. However, don’t be that person who is still hung over high school and only webcam your best friends from home. Have daily catch up texts, such as what you learned today in class, what you ate, or maybe even some gossip like how cute that guy was! Leave the webcam sessions to a minimal, perhaps weekly. That way, you have time for other things as well!

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