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Nobody likes being alone, and that’s why we constantly hear, “Join this club with me.” Let’s be honest, no one wants to sit in a room full of people they don’t know. It can be a scary situation, so we recruit our best friend to come with us. That way we have someone to keep us company, not only during meetings, but during club events, too. Well, it might not be the best idea to tag along with your friend just because she’s your friend. Clubs can be a lot of work, and there are a lot of things to consider when joining one.

Are You Actually Interested?

This is an important question to ask yourself. By being a part of a club you are also representing the club. It is important to make sure that you are passionate about what you are representing. If you’re not passionate, you might end up sending the wrong message about the club. Being a part of a club that you’re not passionate about can also be a bit boring. It will be difficult to participate in conversation and contribute ideas to the group. When joining a club make sure you are passionate about the topic and will be able to accurately represent them. You don’t want to end up sending the wrong message by accident.

Having the Time

Like a lot of high school students, extra time can be hard to come by. Joining another club might send you over the edge. While it may mean spending more time with your friend, it also means less of the little time you already have to yourself. Remember that joining a club isn’t just meetings; it’s events, bake sales, posters, trips, and many more time consuming events. You shouldn’t stress yourself out more by joining a club just because your friend wants you to. Make sure your schedule has enough room to handle the work load that comes with joining a club.

Lots of Work

Like I said before, clubs are much more than just the meetings. If your uninterested in the club you aren’t going to want to put in the effort on extra projects for the club. When you’re uninterested in something it is much harder to come up with ideas. This means spending longer on projects for a club that you’re not even interested in. Your high school experience should be doing things you want to do, not just the things your friends want you to do. Make sure you’re going to want to spend the extra time on the club.

Are You Ready To Commit?

A club is a commitment. Remember once you join a club other people are going to depend on you. Just because you only joined the club for your friend doesn’t mean you don’t have to pull your weight. Remember when you go to sign up that you are making a commitment to the other students in the club. It is unfair to the other members if you join and don’t fully participate. Make sure you are willing to make the commitment that is needed before signing up.

Joining a club with you friend can seem like a fun thing to do at first. It gives you more time to spend with one another, and who wouldn’t want that? Don’t forget all the work that you have to put in when you join a club. It’s a time-consuming commitment that you may not have time for. Make sure to have your schedule in order before you think about joining any clubs. Also remember that you are making a commitment to other students who are going to need your help. Make sure your up for helping with the club when needed. Don’t join a club because your friend wants you to. It should be something you want to do, too.

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