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Not all schools have a focus on extracurriculars. While for some this is because it isn’t feasible budget wise, for others it’s merely because they would like to have the students focus more on academics. Unfortunately, in both scenarios it prevents high school students from having access to clubs. As more and more colleges and universities are looking for students who are not just involved in academia but also show commitment to other organizations, it is important that kids have access to clubs. Finding other organizations to join is not easy. In order to find an outside club you need to know where to look, and be prepared to fight for what you want!

1. Discover your interests.

To begin the search process, you should have a target in mind. Are you interested in sports, journalism, or arts and crafts? If you don’t know what you’re interested in, look around your room for things you seem to have a lot of. For example if you notice you have a lot of posters of celebrity actors you could search for a theater club in your neighborhood. While you may not think you’ll like it, it could be what you’ve always wanted to do!

2. Check the sources.

Go online and research to find a club that suits your interests. You could start out your search by using broad terms. Going with the previous example, an example would be “theater clubs in utopia.” You’re sure to find organizations that way. Research the organization. Look for websites, reviews, and social media pages. Make sure that it is an organization that you would feel safe going to and could potentially have fun in.

3. Contact the organizations.

Once you’ve found the perfect organization to join, get their contact information on their web page. Contact them to let them know what you are interested. They may be able to present you with more information or connect you with an existing member of the group. This will allow you to become comfortable with the group without even stepping foot into the area.

4. Join the clubs.

While this may seem obvious, some people just need the extra push. Make sure that you actually go and join the club; don’t just talk about doing it. Bring a friend if you need to!

General Tips

Some great places to look for clubs are libraries, super markets, churches, and craft stores. Libraries and supermarkets often have fliers on corkboards inside that present posters of different clubs you could possibly join. Also, most churches have a youth group that you can get involved in. One big word of advice that I have is to make sure that you choose a few organizations and become extremely committed to them. Do not choose a lot and then not have time to go to them all. It is irresponsible and reflects negatively on college applications. By gaining leadership positions, you will also be able to see yourself develop within the club.

If you’re hesitant to join a club currently, don’t be. You have a chance to become a part of a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage in something that you may love. If you end up hating it, you can at least say you tried and start looking out for the next opportunity! Great things come with time, don’t give up find the club of your dream.

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