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Stress is one of the biggest problems in a high school or college students life. Stress about tests, about homework, about friends, about the future…And even though it seems like this stress should evaporate, at least for a little bit, during summer break, for many all of the free time just makes the stress even worse.

Instead of being able to out nervous energy into schoolwork, for a lot of people there is no outlet for stress in the summer.
This article hopes to give anyone at least one viable option for a de stressor they can start immediately. Of course, since everyone’s stress is different, everyone’s ideas for coping will have to be different as well. Here are just a few things to try, and don’t forget about the natural products that you can use to help fight stress, visit and learn more about them.

1. Yoga

This may sound cliché, but yoga really is one of the best destressors in the world. Even the Mayo Clinic describes it as so: “Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.”

For a student overwhelmed, serenity sounds pretty good…And yoga is an easy try! Because it’s so popular right now, if you want to find a class, just google it. And if you don’t want to find a class, than just watch some YouTube videos or find tutorials online, and you’ll get just as much out if the experience.

2. Organization

This is a trick a friend taught to me at the beginning of my freshman year and her senior year. Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed and the stress seems like it’s hitting you like a tidal wave and you’re about to start drowning, organize something.

Maybe it’s your bedroom when you move around furniture or your closet when you color coordinate your clothes. One of my personal favorites is organizing purses.

These menial tasks require your concentration, and thus take it away from dwelling on the stress. And, as a bonus, when you finish, you feel not only more relaxed, but also accomplished.

3. Baking

This is my personal favorite method of coping with stress. There was several nights in this last year before tests when I realized I had studied as much as I could possibly do, but the stress was too much to let me sleep. So I would go to the kitchen. I made cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies. And the effort of creating, and the delicious aromas, always made me feel like a new person.

This trick has been helping me this summer as well as I stress about the coming application season. And as a bonus with this method, when you finish you have fresh baked goods! Deliciousness…

4. Studying

This last option may seem unlike any of the other stress coping mechanisms I just listed. But really, this is the most fail safe way to deal with school related stress during the school year or during the summer. Doing the school year, the best way to deal with feelings of incoming doom due to the biology test the next day, is to sit down with your bio book and study the material. can teach you how to use CBD Oil to improve your studying performance without suffering from anxiety or cronic stress.

Of course, you can over-study, which I briefly mentioned in the baking section. If you’ve been studying since 5 pm and it’s now 3am, it’s time to get some sleep. Never forget how much being well rested can help you on a test! But the right amount of studying helps with stress in that it alleviates worry about tests and homework. Preparedness makes you confident, the best defense to the evil monster of stress. Studying can slow just be a good release, similar to organizing, for any kind of stress. In the school year, studying is easy to come by, but it is as well in the summer if you know what you’re looking for. Maybe look at some math websites or language books. You could check out a grammar practice test, or watch some Crash Course History videos on YouTube (highly recommend).

In the end, everyone has a different way of coping with stress. But if you really dedicate effort to any of these methods, you will most likely at least have a brief respite from worrying. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find the outlet that will keep stress at bay forever! (If you do please let us all know.) In all seriousness, stress is a problem that everyone struggles with, but it doesn’t have to control you. You can control it. Just try.

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