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When students consider taking the SAT, the word “fun” rarely comes to mind. The mention of the standardized test brings mental images of long hours filled studying, eating, napping, and maybe some crying here and there. Let’s face it, studying for anything, especially the SAT isn’t fun.

While the SAT may not be everything in a college application, it it worthy enough to bring anxiety and stress to a high school student. The creators of the SAT didn’t intend for it to fun; they intended it to be a resourceful test that would challenge students’ intelligence levels and styles of thinking. Studying for the SAT may not be a walk in the park, but there are some ways to make it more bearable. Here are some tips and tricks to make studying for the SAT fun and exciting.

1. Form a study group with your friends.

Everything is better with friends, even studying. In moments of stress, anxiety, and endless boredom, call up your friends who are also reviewing for the SAT. This way, you will have other people to share in the suffering with. An even greater benefit, you can review formulas for the math portion and quiz each other on vocabulary for the reading portion. Make it into a competition; divide yourselves up into teams and whoever loses buys the pizza you are going to rewards yourselves with at the end of the long study session. Like I said, everything is better with friends, especially when they are paying for the reward meal.

2. Download an app.

I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably along the lines of, “huh?” Hear me out. Now that almost everyone has access to either a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the mobile application market has seen more than a boom. Companies of all backgrounds and kinds are creating applications with the intent of providing better access to their customers, users, and subscribers. Some of these apps are, yep, designed to help you study and do better on the SAT. I fooled around for a bit on my smartphone and here is a list of my favorites.

For vocabulary, I liked Visual Vocab SAT by Mighty Oak Games LLC, for math I liked, SAT Prep Kit: Math Practice Questions, and for all three sections, I really appreciated SAT Prep: Practice Tests and Flashcards in Math, Reading, and Writing. What’s better than studying for the SAT while having the convenience of being on your phone? This time, when your parents ask you what you’re doing on your phone, you can say you’re studying and actually mean it.

3. Make a meme.

Memes make the Internet go round. How about this one: every time you learn a new formula or word, make a meme of it. Incorporate your favorite television or movie character from your favorite movie or television show and make a meme. You get the idea. Paste it into a Google doc or have a running group chat with your friends dedicated only to memes. You’re welcome.

4. Get social while you study.

Make an Instagram and a Twitter account solely dedicated to studying for the SAT. Yes, you can feel free to use these platforms to complain about studying for the SAT all you want, but make them to help you study, too! Every time you memorize a vocabulary word or correctly solve an equation, tweet it or Instagram it. For instance, if you happen to learn a difficult vocabulary word, post a picture that coincides and reminds you of the definition. Make a unique hashtag and search it every once in awhile for a clean, streamlined study session. Not to mention, these accounts could be useful for other SAT reviewers, too.

All in all, studying for the SAT can be enjoyable. While it is stressful, just like any test you study for and take, studying techniques can be manipulated until it doesn’t seem like studying anymore. Taking the SAT will never be fun, but studying for it can be.

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