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It’s a tried and true fact for many busy high school students: mornings just aren’t your forte. Why do anything other than lie in bed until the last possible moment? Especially for those who have to endure waking up in the cold, believe me, I get how alluring the call of warm blankets can be but as the weather turns to spring and summer you might just find yourself with more energy. If you have the motivation for it, the mornings may just become your best friend overnight.


There’s this calm in the morning, before everyone wakes up, that gives off a peaceful aura. What better time than to practice some simple yoga poses? The thing about yoga is you don’t need equiments, it doesn’t take up too much of your time, and requires little space. You don’t have to bend over backwards to get the right health benefits either. Like all exercises, yoga has been found to boost emotional moods and health. You could increase hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. It could be a stress relief after a bad night’s sleep or nightmares. Also, if you have a big test or exam coming up yoga could help improve your memory.


A lot of people enjoy early morning running for a good reason. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, exercising in the morning is known to speed up the metabolism and get it up and going for the rest of the day. In the afternoons of April through August, afternoons can get heated. In the morning, you’ll be able to run in cooler and clearner air. A brisk morning jog could also promote eating breakfast, another important healthy habit. Running, itself, has a number of benefits to it.


When you come home after eight long hours of school, soccer practice, and tutoring with a mountain homework to do, the last thing you want is to do some lesiure reading. However busy you are, it’s important to try to do some reading everyday. Mental stimualation does wonders for the mind, and just like yoga it’s another stress reliever. In the morning, when all is quiet and calm, why not pick up that book you’ve been holding off until you had ‘free time’? Through reading you could also gain skills or knowledge. Maybe you’ll learn how to sew or how to love yourself through self-help books. There’s a vast world laying in your shelf that you may not even know about just yet.

Making Breakfast

Most of us cram a candy bar or nothing at all into our mouths as a form of the earliest meal of the day. Why not spend some time preparing some pancakes or french toast? Maybe brew some hot tea while you’re at it. Many of us have working parents who they themselves have little time for eating. Why not shoulder a chore or do something nice for them by cooking up a breakfast? It doesn’t have to be gourmet, a simple bowl of oatmeal or fruit salad could do the trick and get you on the recieving of a lot of appreciation.

Preparing Lunch

Another meal to make other than the most obvious one of all is lunch. I don’t know about you, but my school food isn’t the greatest. Pizza with half burnt cheese and weird-tasting ketchup ‘tomato’ sauce, anyone? Yeah, I thought so too. Sometimes we eat it out of hunger and not out of actual enjoyment of the food. Why not make your own lunch? There’s nothing wrong with an old-school brown paper bag with your favorites. By making your own meals, you get sense of independence and it just makes it something to look forward to if you have a pudding cup waiting for you at sixth period lunch.


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