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With technology being an active part of our daily lives, it makes sense that we start investing more time preparing for a standardized test while having a phone in our hands. Believe it or not, there are several apps in App Store and Play Store that can help improve your score in the SAT/ACT. These apps can be a good substitute of flashcards, and of the big books that come with several practice tests and strategies (which is great if we have to travel or go to the store–you can prepare for the tests while sitting in the car and looking at your phone! Don’t you love technology?).

On Play Store, these are some of the great apps that can help you prepare for the big day:

1. ACT Test (Free)
The app has practice questions for the four sections of the ACT: Reading, English, Math and Science. Plus, the app contains flashcards that can help when it comes to improving vocabulary.

2. Play2Prep (Free)
You should take the name of this app seriously, because that’s what it’s about. The application lets you play ACT and SAT games against friends and other users. Not only you can see a combination of questions, but you can determine which standardized test would be a better fit for you. You can find explanations to questions, track your performance, customize your questions, and you can even challenge your friends while “playing.” That’s the true meaning of fun.

3. ACT Test Prep (Free)

Like the first app mentioned, this one has the four sections of the ACT plus flashcards. What makes it different to ACT Test is, however, that the flashcards are more numerous.

4. ACT Question of the Day (Free)
The questions are asked daily and cover all the sections of the ACT. With only 60 seconds a day you can improve your score by answering a question per day.

5. ACT Test Prep Math (US$0.99)
Although you have to pay to get this app, it’s great if you need extra help with the Math section. You can even have fun while solving some of the problems even if you’re not a math person.

If you’re not a friend of the ACT, don’t worry, there are apps that can help you with the SAT, too:

1. Magoosh SAT Prep (Free)
This is perhaps my favorite app of the whole list, even though I don’t have a strong relationship with the SAT. The app has more than 150 animated lessons, covers the three sections of the SAT, lets you track your performance, recommends study strategies and provides explanations of every SAT concept. If that’s not awesome, then I don’t know what is.

2. SAT Vocabulary Flashcards (Free)
This app provides 350 vocabulary flashcards that tend to be repetitive on the SAT. That way you’re not completely wasting your time memorizing words you will never use. You can track your progress as you study, and the flashcards are categorized depending on the level of difficulty.

3. SAT Prep: Math (US$1.99)
Do you need to focus on the Math section of the SAT? Cry no more! You can improve your score by using the benefits of this app: it gives you strategies, it has 1,388 questions and every Math subject is covered, you can retake an entire test or only the missed questions for maximum retention, and you can review questions and track your performance. This app offers so many alternatives that it makes it hard not to try it.

4. SAT Daily (US$0.99)
This app provides SAT questions on a daily basis that cover the three sections of the test, it has a SAT Test checklist; that is a good idea considering that students are nervous and can forget important things like a calculator, and it gives weekly tricks that can be used on test day.

5. Pocket SAT Math (Free)
Another great app for those who want to focus on Math! Pocket SAT Math has more than 250 questions, provides formulas that might come in handy on test day, solution to answers, and a scratchpad. They had me at scratchpad.

These resources could be great if the right approach is taken. Tutors aren’t needed if you can take advantage of the apps, and if you practice on a daily or weekly basis.
Standardized tests are not the favorite thing of high school students, but if we have to take them anyway, we should at least be prepared for them, and applications can help significantly when it comes to improving your performance.

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