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Along with grades, extracurricular activities are extremely important. Not only do they add another dimension to university applications, but also they shape our interests, help us explore, and figure out what our strengths are. For those interested in careers in science-based fields, it’s imperative to find quality activities, not resume puffers.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to get involved in your community, make a difference, and learn something new! Donating your time to a local hospital gives you first hand patient interaction experience, as well provides perfect opportunities for networking.

Academic Clubs

Joining (or founding!) a science based academic club shows universities that you’re serious about a certain field. Taking the time and effort to commit to your school’s chemistry, physics, or astronomy club gives you the opportunity to explore your prospective fields and meet others who share similar interests. Additionally, if you are more geared towards the health science sector, HOSA is an excellent chapter to introduce to your school. HOSA is a competition, and is widely recognized for attracting goal orientated, science focused, student leaders.

Research and Innovation

If you’re more into hands on applications of science, why not try your hand at inventing? Sign up for your local science fair, team up with a lab teacher, and turn your ideas into reality.


The best way to ensure you understand something is by teaching it to someone else. Take to your guidance counsellor’s office and see if your school offers peer-tutoring programs that you can partake in. Helping a struggling student in the subject you excel at will help you solidify your knowledge, aid a peer, and allows you to give back to your school’s community.


Regardless what you want to do, being autodidactic is an extremely important quality. Interested in chemistry? Take a Coursera course! Watching Khan Academy videos, learning via online courses, and exploring a subject of interest outside the classroom is what helps you learn if you truly love it or not.

Remember that even if you have your heart set on a career in science, you should not have only science-focused extracurriculars. You are a multifaceted person, with all sorts of unique passions. Devoting yourself to an art, music, or athletic pastime in addition to a science oriented one enhances and gives you a well-rounded high school career. High school is a time to find yourself, not force yourself. Find activities you love and have true enthusiasm for, and the rest will fall into place.

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