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From the minute students enter high school, they’re immediately informed of the importance of extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to join clubs, volunteer, play sports, or pursue a non-academic interest in order to get a “well-rounded high school experience.” While most of these typically occur within the school (such as clubs and sports) the 21st century has provided us students with a new frontier: the Internet. Here are some Internet-based extracurriculars that can help you make the most of high school outside of your campus.

1. Create a Blog

Creating a blog (and updating it regularly) can require just as much dedication and work as any other extracurricular. Blogging also has the additional bonus of being a personal memorabilia of your time in high school. There are a variety of ways to make your blog a proud testament of your high school experience. The blog can be an advice blog, an online journal, or the birthplace of a future best-selling novel. The possibilities are endless when it comes to blogging and it can always lead to something greater than you imagined.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become one of the largest creative landscapes in our modern society and the opportunity to take advantage of this especially in high school is one that can’t easily be mimicked. A YouTube channel could be about pretty much anything making it one of the more flexible activities. There’s also the perk of joining the YouTube community which is known for being much like a family unit. With all the possible networking and collaboration, YouTube is a great platform for sharing your ideas on a global scale.

3. Join a Live Tutoring Website

Since many student may not have the resources to work with a tutor in their neighborhood or may simply wan the extra help, working as a live tutor is a way to combine a popular extracurricular with the comfort of your own home. Tutoring from the internet allows for an informal setting that will help create an easy, comfort-based relationship between you and your student. Tutoring on its own is often a nerve-racking activity, but doing so online can ease the nerves and allow for a reach far wider than your immediate community.

4. Be Involved in Web Maintenance

Those of you who are more tech-savvy than the average person (or are just quick learners) should consider working in web maintenance. Web maintenance involves updating websites to the desire of the site owner whenever requested. This is an activity that doubles as an actual job and can teach plenty of beneficial work skills such as effective communication. Since you would be working at the command of a supervisor, this activity is more strict than the previous ones however the learning experience can’t be replaced.

5. Write Online Articles

This may be the activity that I vouch for the most (though I may be slightly biased). Writing for online blogs or websites is very rewarding for it allows you to work on your writing skills as well people skills. Depending on the website, the writing can range from very formal (such as breaking news) or very informal and no matter which it is, it often needs to have the flow of a conversation so that it has the desired effect. Working as a writer allows one to really get a grasp on the power of perception and this lesson often manifests itself outside the Internet. Writing is a great way to express yourself and encourage others to do so to as it promotes a community of creativity.

I hope these activities are useful and get you thinking on how to share your talent and creativity with the world because trust me, there’s always a never ending need for it.

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