Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

If you’re looking for an interesting department to look into for classes, look no further than political science! Here are a couple of reasons why.

You Can Vote

If you’re 18 and you haven’t registered to vote yet you should! Young people have a huge ability to change the results of elections but many are not going out to the polls or are even registered. This is especially concerning because many of the topics being discussed have to do with our immediate futures, and now that we’re technically adults many of us will feel the effects hard. Taking a poli-sci class can give you a basis on how the election process works, how the u.s. government runs, and what you can do to get involved.

You Have Rights

And it’s important to know them! In the age of technology many of us don’t think before we agree to the terms and conditions without reading or download that new app. We give ourselves away so freely without thinking twice about what’s happening with the information we’re putting out there and almost forget about the threat of the things we don’t want to share being exposed. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many of our rights get violated secretly, and out in the open, as seen from the many police brutality cases in recent years. In political science class you will dissect what these rights mean and what they do not.

You Can Understand History

Taking a political science class won’t be the usual boring recounting of wars and battles. Though you will explore some of the major points of history in the past that has made the country what it is today you will also focus on the history going on now. Things like the legalization of same sex marriage, feminism, black lives matter, and more. You will learn about groups of people who do not have a voice in mainstream America and discuss why. You will talk about racism, sexism, and inequality. It will be challenging but it will be worth it.

You Get to See Diversity

In college you meet many different people from all over the world who have different beliefs, practices, and views as you.  A poli-sci class taught right will give students an outlet to discuss topics that matter to them and their views, hopefully without being judged. It is meant for you to be socially aware of the people around you and what’s going on in the hopes that you use your privilege as a resource instead of abusing it.

You Can Debate

A political science class is meant to have discussion, disagreements, and debates. It gets heated and sometimes frustrating, but it can also be eye-opening and life changing.

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