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Let me guess: you’re looking to make some extra cash. Aren’t we all? I blame my poor financial status on Chipotle’s expensive burritos… every time I go, I can’t help but think I could get a shirt at Forever 21 for the same price (especially if I decide to get guac; that’s splurging right there). The point is, we all need new and creative ways to make money. While getting a job is the obvious solotion, that may be unrealistic for those who are volunteering or interning this summer. The following are methods to make pocket change in your spare time.

1. Flower crowns.

This is the latest trend in festival fashion and Instagram photos. Why not take advantage of it? It’s actually the perfect impromptu business. You’ll need few materials, the crwons are cheap and simple to make, and you can customize the product based on event or customer. These sell for anywhere from $7 to $20 in stores, so I would set my price between $10 to $15 and begin selling them a few weeks before a music festival. You can learn how to make these here.

2. Editing.

This is a great time to offer your skills as a grammar wiz or creative writing master, because rising seniors are beginning to write their college essays. Professionals often offer essay assistance for steep prices, but you could market yourself as an affordable option. You could meet with clients at a local library and read over their essays, or even their résumés, for about an hour. Be sure to make a flyer or use social media to advertise! Keep in mind that these essays are very important, so only offer to help if you genuinely feel qualified.

3. Candles.

I personally make gel candles for money, but if you’re looking for a quick product to make over the summer I would suggest sticking with paraffin wax candles (think Yankee Candle). This would require a little more skill than the flower crowns, so beware. Specifically, you will have to be careful using the stove (supervision would be best). Check it out here.

4. Cute crops.

Selling your old clothes is always an option, whether you do so through a yard sale or just sell to friends. To spice this idea up, you can add value to the clothes by cutting them or bedazzling them. This would be a profitable business venture since this requires minimal time and you do not need to buy any materials. Interestingly, you can market this idea as a good or a service. In other words, you can either create the shirts from your own materials and sell them as they are, or you can provide the service of cutting friends’ shirts. There are so many ways to customize t-shirts that you can learn online. Like this. And this. Oh yeah, and there’s this too.

5. Dorm decor.

Dorm decorating is one of the most exciting parts of leaving for college, but not everyone has the time or artistic skill to do so. This is the perfect time to set up your own decor shop–you have time to build up an inventory and you can spend the last month or so selling your work to people just as they leave for their schools. You can make a plethora of things for the dorm–pencil holders, posters and jewelry cases. You can start with this for inspiration. After you’ve made several pieces, have a little party where you invite your friends and attempt to sell your work. You could also sell them at local fairs and markets, but that might require permission.

If you’re having trouble making money, I understand, and you are not alone. I get excited when I find change on the street. I’m that girl. But we don’t all need to stick to babysitting and mowing lawns–been there done that (well not the lawn mowing… my twig arms can’t handle that stuff). Be creative! Don’t be afraid. If you have an idea, go for it. That maxi skirt isn’t going to buy itself.

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