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Dear high school freshman self,

Don’t worry about things too much. Things will get better throughout the years and it’s just the beginning of figuring everything out. Focus more on your schoolwork and take classes that aren’t what you would typically take. It’s okay to push yourself out of your comfort zone but don’t forget who you are. You never know what you’ll find and you may realize what you want to do with the rest of your high school years. Just because you have been told you should take every single science class you can do other things too.

Find your passion and develop your skills. It’s never too early to figure out what you want to do once you graduate. Don’t feel bad if you don’t do as well as you thought you would in your classes. If you try your hardest and seek additional help, it’s all you can do. You aren’t perfect at everything and you’ll learn that throughout the years. High school isn’t exactly how you thought it would be or how you saw it in movies and television shows. Break this expectation you have and realize what you have around you instead of being upset you don’t have the freshman year you thought you would. You will go through some hard things this year especially with your friend group but never forget that it will all work out.

Dear high school sophomore self,

This will probably be the roughest year for you in your high school career. I always thought sophomore year was the one with nothing important happening. When you’re a freshman everything is new and exciting, juniors have the ACT’s and prom and of course senior year is the best. But you’re wrong about this.

Sophomore year is when you work hard to prepare for everything coming up in the next few years. This is the year when you have to decide if you want to start taking advanced classes or branch out into different types of classes. Don’t take the easy classes just because you can. Push yourself and it’ll help you in the future, especially in your freshman year of college. It’s hard to think about college when you’re only a sophomore but trust me. Start thinking about where you want to apply and work harder in your classes.

Blowing off assignments and not trying to do the work as well as you can isn’t acceptable. It can be defeating when you aren’t good at a certain subject that you thought you were good at all these years, but don’t let that keep you down. Work harder, seek help and focus your attention on studying and doing the homework. Don’t let things like drama and relationships control your performance in classes. It may seem like these relationships and the drama are the only important things right now but I promise in a year you’ll realize how much you missed out on and how much better you could have done if you would have moved past the unnecessary things.

Dear high school junior self, 

This is honestly the most important year in high school for you. Don’t get caught up with drama or people that bring you down. You’ll get accepted into the honors society even though your grades weren’t the best. This will make you want to work even harder to stay in the society and also prove to them that they were right by letting you in.

Prepare for the ACT’s. Don’t put it off because you don’t think it is something you can study for. You’ll get a fine score but you could have done better. You’re fine with your score now that it doesn’t affect you in college but getting a better score could have helped you with getting different scholarships and awards. Also start studying more for your classes. It’s not your strong suit but once you start you’ll see how beneficial it is. The best thing you could do for yourself is to start thinking about your future and college. It is coming soon and you need to start applying.

Think about the people you are surrounding yourself with and how badly it is affecting you. Even your teachers know something is wrong and it is making school harder for you. You know it is making this year more difficult and don’t like what is happening. Make changes and focus on yourself. This will help you in the future and make your senior year more enjoyable. Remember, high school isn’t forever and you need to think about yourself first.

Dear high school senior self,

This will be the best year of high school for you. You’ll finally figure things out and realize who you want to be. You will be surrounded by people that care for you and love you. They will only support you and push you to become an even better person. You’ll have the best memories from this year and you’ll think about them almost daily while in college. Don’t let it go by too quickly and don’t wish for it to end. You’ll miss everything from that year and will be upset when it’s over. It’s okay that you didn’t make the top ten of your graduating class. You worked hard this year and got the best grades you’ve ever gotten. It’s time that you need to chose a college and start filling out scholarship applications. Do these as soon as you can and don’t procrastinate them. It’ll end in a very late night. You don’t need to chose a major that is something you think everyone wants you to go for.

Explore your options. Talk to your teachers and take the time to plan. If you’re second guessing your degree choice now, it probably won’t end well when you get to college. Get prepared for college during the year and the summer. Buy your college text books before the week before classes start. Research about your college more and read about what college will be like. It won’t be exactly what you think but at least you won’t be as overwhelmed as you will be.

Dear college freshmen self,

Relax. It’s scary but it’ll all work out in the end. You’re not doing great in your classes and you want to leave college. Keep pushing and weigh your options. You will find the perfect major for you and will be happy with where you are in a few years. It’s okay to feel homesick but you don’t need to go home every weekend. Take that time to study and save your money. Make friends and join clubs. Look for opportunities that will help you in the future. It’s hard to go to classes everyday when there isn’t someone telling you to go but just go. You don’t want to miss anything.

Do all your work, go to sleep early and put classes first. It’ll be better in a few semesters once you start your classes in your major. It’s rough this first year but at the start of your second year everything will start to work out and fall into place. You’ll eventually start loving everything about college and people will start coming into your life that will be there for a while. Figure out who you want to be, live the life you want and be the major you want.

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