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There are a lot of things I want to learn but don’t have a chance to. Why? Most of the time, it’s because the topic, such as computer science, is not offered in school. But there is good news! Over the years, very awesome people have decided that there should be more opportunities for everyone to learn more for free. What these people do is create websites with courses on various topics that you can take. Also, the classes are not just taught by anybody. Most of the time, the courses are offered by different prestigious universities such as Princeton and Johns Hopkins. (It’s legit!)  These online courses are otherwise known massive open online courses (MOOCs). These courses can range from computational neuroscience to The Beatle’s music. Below are some MOOCs that I think you may enjoy.


I probably use this website the most. This website has a plethora of classes you can choose from. (You can also take one on studying for the AP Calc exam!) Also, If English isn’t your first language or you would like to take a class in a different language, they have courses that are offered by universities from other countries as well, such as École Polytechnique and Universidade de São Paulo. What is so great about Coursera is that you can take the course to earn the certificate if you want to (Add it to your resumé!). Like any real course, there are lectures, discussions, and assignments. Unlike real life though, you have the option of turning on subtitles.  The current class I’m taking right now is The Fiction of Relationship from Brown University.  I chose not to because I’m in college right now, and want to watch the lectures at other times that is not during the assigned week. Because of this,  I choose to download the video lectures so I can watch them later. You can also download the text file of the lecture if you want.


This is very similar to Coursera in that you get a lot of different courses from different universities to choose from. (These might help you hard working AP test takers: AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, AP Physics C) You can also earn an online construction management degree if you want to. Something a little different from coursera is that there is a transcript of the lecture next to the video as you watch it. I find it very convenient, especially if you accidentally missed what the lecturer said. Like coursera, you can download the transcript and video lecture.


This website works pretty much the same as Coursera and edX. One downside is that although majority of the courses are free, you have to pay for some of them. A class you can take is Technology Entrepreneurship.

Yale Open Courses

Although it offers quite a few courses, it definitely does not match that of Coursera, edX and NovoED. Nonetheless, it is still an awesome website to use. You can download all the course material. The lectures are posted on YouTube if you want to watch them online and on iTunes if you want to download them. Unlike Coursera and edX, however, there are no assignments and discussions you have to complete.  Some classes they offer are Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature, and Financial Theory.

MIT Open Courseware

MIT’s website is pretty much the same as that of Yale. There are more classes you can choose from compared to Yale. However, not all of the courses have the course material available unlike Yale. There is a course finder where you can choose what you want, for example, you can check the box for lecture notes or online textbook, and only courses that have those two things will show up.  Some classes include Dilemmas in Bio-medical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good? and Principles of Economics.

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