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While summer vacation certainly allows ample time to catch up on much-needed sleep, delve into new projects, and try different activities, it’s also a time during which your usual clubs, extracurriculars, and sports might not meet or practice. Thus, it’s possible that you’ll wind up with more spare time than you might’ve anticipated. In order to prevent this “summer rut” that results from too much down-time, you can fill your blank space with new and interesting forms of exercise to maintain the movement and exercise that you practice so regularly during the school year. Here are a few of my favorite activities to partake in during the summer.

1. Outdoor swim team

Outdoor swim team is one of the few sports that truly cannot be replicated throughout the rest of the year. So even if you’ve swum for a club or in an indoor pool during the year, if you have never given summer swim team a try, I highly recommend it. While practices can be tough, swimming is an extremely rewarding sport because it is one of the best forms of exercise. It’s a super exhilarating and upbeat sport, and another possible perk is that after a practice, you can spend the rest of your day at the pool relaxing and recouping. I can’t explain exactly what it is, but for me there’s something much more enticing and enjoyable about doing swim team outdoors than indoors.

2. Outdoor yoga

I’ve written in the past about why yoga is so-totally-awesome… But, “what’s greater than a regular yoga class”? might you ask. The answer is… one outdoors. There are so many places you can practice yoga, and since you need not rely on a class that practices outside, you can find any serene spot and put your poses into action. Some great places to practice during the summer are on the beach (in the morning or evening), in a park, or even in your own backyard.

3. Beach volleyball

No, you certainly don’t need to live in Florida to try this one—all you need is some sand and a net. Whether you do indeed live

near a beach, or a lake, or even a park with a sand pit, this sport provides an exciting twist on the traditional sport of volleyball. Further, if you gather a bunch of friends and form different groups, you can even create your own beach volleyball tournament.

4. Tennis

Since indoor tennis lessons can prove quite expensive during the winter months, summer is a great time to hone your tennis skills. Most parks have courts that are free or relatively inexpensive for the public to use, so it’s definitely worth looking into if tennis is something you are interested in, or potentially are. If you don’t have access to courts, all you truly need are some rackets, a wall (that isn’t a side of a house), and some friends—you can create your own variation of tennis!

5. Outdoor badminton

While badminton isn’t a common sport, I find it super fun (and funny) to play with a group of friends. If you have a volleyball net or any other type of net, all you’ll need are some “birdies” and badminton rackets. I normally set up my net and leave it up for practically the whole summer, and I advise you do the same. Whenever your friends come over, they’ll definitely be begging to play a round of badminton.

Ultimately, the key component in having fun with physical activity over the summer is to get involved with friends, or perhaps even people you might not spend time with ordinarily. Summer allows a lot more flexibility than during the school year, so you should try to take advantage of this spare time and experiment with different recreations. Appreciate the fresh air and summer breeze, and don’t spend your whole summer locked indoors or behind a screen!

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