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Although we aren’t all gifted with the ability to create exquisite art, there are many forms of the very thing that can be executed by you, regardless of your talent. Since every person has a certain amount of creativity within, it is important to express this in whatever way appeals to your likes in interests. So even if you can’t draw a self portrait or create a beautiful watercolor painting, here are a few activities you can engage in.

1. Paint your room

This is one activity that seriously takes zero effort, but it’s a great way to exercise your artistic cravings. Slabbing a new paint color onto some bored and tired walls is surprisingly therapeutic. Even if you are a fan of your current bedroom color, changing it up could do wonders not only for a change in appearance, but for your mood. Read about the ways in which color can boost your spirits.

2. Learn how to knit

Knitting, believe it or not, is not an activity that is correlated to age; people of all ages can give it a try and will likely find its effects quite beneficial. It’s a craft that, once learned, becomes an automated action and will require little extra creativity. For this reason, it can be seen as a very relaxing and therapeutic hobby.

3. Take up sewing

Though not the most exciting activity, sewing is an incredibly useful skill, with which you can create and accomplish so much. Whether it be mending or creating clothes, or sewing little stuffed animals and other gifts, it is a truly valuable life skill. It also requires great amounts of precision and patience, so while you fill your urge to do something, you can simultaneously work on building your character.

4. Make jewelry

The process of creating jewelry is actually quite a bit simpler than the final product might make it seem. All you truly need to create some stunning pieces are the necessary tools and some cool beads. Plus, all you need to be capable of doing is visualizing neat patterns and designs with the beads. (And, even if you lack this quality, abstract jewelry is great, too!) Beading is a really unique way to exercise whatever creativity might be bundled up in you, and you can create amazing things to wear for yourself and your friends.

5. Paint your nails or change your hair

Expressing yourself through your appearance is one of the coolest things to do, so if you have free permission from your parents/guardians, take up a project where you can spice up your appearance while also engaging in a creative activity. There is a wide range of “beauty experiments” you could perform upon yourself, so follow whatever suits your style. Be it dying or bleaching your hair, rocking a new cut or style, or creating the coolest DIY manicure, you can definitely find an easy way to let out whatever urge to create art might be inside of you.

If none of these activities seem to excite you, take your own initiative! By simply googling “Easy DIY Art Projects” (or anything of this sort), you can instantly be enlightened by hundreds of neat projects that you can create in your free time.

There is truly such a small scope of artistic activities that are known to people. For this reason, many often rule themselves out of activities involving creativity and imagination. However, there are many exciting and fresh crafty activities you can partake in, and once you explore, you will realize that the creation of art is certainly not only limited to artists.

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